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The truth about Joel Embiid and the Sixers future success

The Truth about Joel Embiid & the Sixers Future Success

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Joel Embiid is a legendary NBA center already. He’s not Olajuwon or Shaq but if his scoring average were to stand, (which it won’t in terms of league leaders) the only centers to average more points-per-game than Joel Embiid averaged in 2023-24 is Wilt Chamberlain….

Thats it, just Wilt Chamberlain.

Not Since Shaq

Joel Embiid was on pace to average the second most points per game by an NBA center all-time. Only Wilt Chamberlain has ever averaged more.

It’s not early December, it’s early February, the season is almost over. Joel Embiid was averaging 36.1 points-per-game on January 25th & is still averaging 35.3 ppg today – after his meniscus injury that looks to keep him out the next four weeks (at least).

Embiid has either won the MVP award (2023) or finished 2nd (2021, 2022) in each of the past three seasons. If Warriors forward, Jonathon Kuminga doesn’t crash onto Joel’s leg, the NBA’s reigning MVP is either winning the award or finishing as the runner-up again.

Before Joel Embiid won the scoring title in 2021-22, no NBA center had won a scoring title since Shaquille O’Neal, way back in the year 2000.

The Sixers franchise center has won each of the last two scoring titles and would’ve made it three years in a row if not for this mishap. NBA centers to win three consecutive NBA scoring titles….yeah, you guessed it, only Wilt Chamberlain

No NBA center has won three consecutive scoring titles since Wilt Chamberlain.

70 Points

On January 22, 2024, Joel Embiid scored 70 points to lead his 76ers past the San Antonio Spurs.

Only eight players have scored more points in a regular season game than Joel scored on January 22, 2024 against the San Antonio Spurs and rookie phenom Victor Wembanyama. Embiid’s 70 point performance is the third highest point total by an NBA center in league history too (Wilt Chamberlain, David Robinson).

Scoring Feats

Joel Embiid was the first center to lead the NBA in scoring since 2000.
  • In 2021-22, Embiid averaged 30.6 PPG, no center had averaged over 30+ ppg since Moses Malone in 1981-82 (31.1 ppg).
  • became the first center to lead the NBA in scoring since Shaquille O’Neal in 1999-00.
  • In his MVP season of 2022-23, Joel won a 2nd straight scoring title, averaging 33.1 ppg

Joel Embiid Career Accolades

Joel Embiid won the 2023 NBA MVP award after finishing as the runner-up in both 2021 & 2022 seasons.
  • 7x NBA All-Star (2018-24)
  • NBA MVP (2023)
  • 2x NBA scoring champ (2022, 2023)
  • All-Rookie 1st Team (2017)
  • 1st Team All-NBA (2023)
  • 4x 2nd Team All-NBA ( 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022)
  • 3x 2nd Team All-Defense (2018, 2019, 2021)

Joel Embiid MVP caliber seasons

Here’s a look at the past 3 seasons & this current season for Embiid

  • 2020-21: 28.5 ppg – 10.6 reb – 2.8 ast – 1.0 stl – 1.4 blk – MVP (2nd)
  • 2021-22: 30.6 ppg – 11.7 reb – 4.2 ast – 1.2 stl – 1.5 blk – MVP (2nd)
  • 2022-23: 33.1 ppg – 10.2 reb – 4.2 ast – 1.0 stl – 1.7 blk – MVP (1st)
  • 2023-24: 36.1 ppg – 11.6 reb – 5.9 ast – 1.2 stl – 1.9 blk – stats are accurate up to January 25, 2024.

We can see Joel’s assist average went way up this season, everything is up from his MVP season of 2023

Winning a ring?

Too many Sixers fans don’t understand this game very well. They say nonsensical things that they should be embarrassed leak from their mouths but they’re not.

Things like judging Joel for not winning a championship or not advancing farther than the 2nd round of the playing is asinine.

Joel Embiid is the MVP and his presence makes the Sixers better than 10-11 Eastern Conference teams – every year this decade.

But the elite teams have been the Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics. While the Sixers franchise center makes them better than 80% of Eastern Conference, they aren’t at this elite, true contender stage of playing basketball.

The Sixers are in a tier of their own, this allows them to easily, without much challenge to win in the first round of the playoffs but they would have been underdogs against these teams that have represented the eastern conference in the NBA Finals this decade.

The 76ers would have to defeat two of these teams in one playoff run to reach the NBA Finals, this isn’t likely.


Not all superstars can do this.

THE SIXERS HAVEN’T POSSESSED THE TALENT NEEDED TO CONTEND IN THIS DECADE. Just because the media hypes it up like they do possess this talent & you buy into it – that doesn’t make it true.


will the Sixers ever win a championship in the era of "the process".

In the 2020 bubble, the Sixers were swept by the Celtics. Embiid led both teams in scoring and rebounds.

Joel Embiid vs Boston Celtics in 2020 1st rd.

  • 30 ppg – 12.3 reb – 1.5 stl – 1.3 blk

The Sixers lost to the Atlanta Hawks in the 2nd round of the 2021 playoffs, representing the only time the Sixers were defeated in the postseason when they were the favorites.

You can say what you want but that wasn’t Embiid’s fault. He averaged more points, rebounds and blocked shots than anybody on either squad.

Vs ATL Hawks in 2021 2nd round

  • 30.4 ppg – 12.7 reb – 3.9 ast – 1.0 stl – 2.0 blk

The Talent Problem in Philly

The issues with not having the talent to contend began when Elton Brand gave Tobias Harris a contract fit for someone like Kevin Durant.

When the deal was signed, it was the kind of contract you give to a superstar.

  • Tobias making $18 million in final year of deal…most teams want that
  • Tobias making $40 million…with years…that’s a death sentence…no one is F’in with that.

I said the day Tobias Harris signed his extension that the Sixers wouldn’t be able to contend until after this contract expired and that it wasn’t movable.

It’s not Harris’ fault either. He never possessed this kind of upside to become the player he was being paid as.

The problem is the Tobias’ contract represents money you pay to a star player, when you give that money to a player that isn’t a star, now you don’t have that star player on your roster.

A player you need to realistically contend in the NBA. It’s why no other team is taking on that salary either.

To Harden or not to Harden

James Harden behaved like a child in dealing with the Sixers during free-agency in the summer of 2023.

Going into the summer of 2023, Sixers management had a decision to make, I had never seen anything confident from them to assume they would make the right decision.

I wrote an article entitled ‘A look at the Sixers Two Potential Futures’, this referred to the future I was certain the team would mistakenly jump into & the one where having an opportunity with Joel Embiid – in his prime – to win a championship.

The Sixers front office surprised me, I thought they’d give James Harden what he desired, which would’ve been the biggest mistake any team could ever make.

I was the only one talking about these things at the time & then after I wrote an article for what was required in return for Harden.

Again, the man I referred to as David Moron, he did exactly what I proposed.


A look at where the NBA teams rank in team payroll for the 2023-24 season.

If the Sixers gave Harden this contract for each of those following 4 years, the team would only be able to sign veteran minimum contracts, their own free agents (Bird Rights only) & their own draft picks.

hey would’ve put themselves in jeopardy of being over the 2nd tax line, if they were over this line, even trades are almost impossible.

The Sixers team today plus James Harden would’ve been essentially the 76ers team for the next 4 years.

And giving Tyrese Maxey his extension, likely puts the team over the 2nd tax apron. Any player not a minimum contract, would only be able to be replaced with a veteran minimum contract.

That team isn’t a title contender. They can’t win an NBA championship. Any trades, they’d require almost dollar for dollar match along with no aggregating contracts.

No mid-level exception & if you’re over the 2nd tax apron – 2-out-of-4 years, your 1st rd draft pick will be frozen & then dropped to the end of the first round, each season that the team was over.

If they have the 1st pick, no they don’t possess the 1st pick, the team with the 2nd pick gets the 1st pick, every team moves up one & then the Sixers would pick at the end of the round.

This is the new NBA CBA, it’s unlike anything before, it’s here to prevent LeBron James type of scheming on the NBA’s power structure.

There are more penalties too – for going over.

It’s always been about 2024-25

Joel Embiid, the NBA MVP gives a post game interview.

This meant if both James Harden & Tobias Harris’ salaries came off the books after the 2023–24 NBA season, it has to be both –

The 76ers can hit free-agency for a maximum player contract. If they don’t make a mistake, they can give Joel Embiid a real superstar talent to team up with.

People must understand from a strategic point of view, the Sixers future with Joel Embiid it’s centered around next summer – after the 2023-24 season has concluded and a champion has been crowned.

Sure, a legendary talent like Joel Embiid could put together an all-time playoff run but as a fan, if you’re going to badmouth the man if he doesn’t do this, you don’t deserve to enjoy it ever.

This is never something you should expect from any player.

Trade Joel

Joel Embiid is the MVP of the NBA in 2022-23.

At this point, people that think Joel needs to be traded are morons. Not only aren’t you getting what he’s worth but the team will be in full rebuild mode.

The team has one more shot at it but who they bring in matters. It’s the first time they will have been able to move in free-agency in quite a few years. That being said, this isn’t a great free-agency class. The team might have to target a few very good, not quite superstar players and then hope for a trade after the season begins.

If that happens, some of these basic fans will be upset the Sixers didn’t give a declining Klay Thompson (just an example) a max contract. Doing something like this would be the absolute end of this process.

Then you have to trade Embiid but don’t forget, you’re not getting superstars back, when a team trades for a player like Joel Embiid, they want to team the MVP up with their own superstar.

It’s almost never to exchange franchise players. The Sixers today aren’t a contender, Buddy Hield doesn’t make them a contender. Just be patient and hope Sixers management keeps listening to my advice. (haha)

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