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A look at James Harden's contract

Getting uncomfortable with James Harden in Philly

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It’s time to start getting uncomfortable with James Harden in Philly, he means those words too. The James Harden contract isn’t what he envisioned for himself. Somebody has to pay for thinking he wasn’t a first rate NBA superstar.

The Philadelphia 76ers have to trade him quick fast, post haste, last week. We can’t keep him because he’s a vengeful tw**, always has been.


Post Edit…….August 14, 2023

This is content from Quora answers ppl were asking me today about Harden. The new update is in purple but really it’s just a summary of what I wrote last month, what this article is about.

I’ll be honest I’m not sure what statement you mean but I can still answer this question thoroughly.

The last thing I remember Harden saying was the whole “uncomfortable” statement.

The Sixers stated this past weekend that they weren’t trading Harden.

I wrote an article about this last month.

First, let’s take time to understand the Sixers situation, without James Harden, the Sixers aren’t winning a championship

With him they don’t win a championship either.

The only way for the Sixers to win a championship with Joel Embiid is to be patient.



Patience is a virtue and if the Sixers don’t let both contracts expire, they’re finished in the Joel Embiid era.

If they wait, they can hit free-agency with a vengeance & sign a real superstar to team with Joel & likely also sign another very good player on top of that.

The problem is James Harden feels slighted. He’s a narcissist that needs to be treated like the greatest talents to ever step foot into an NBA locker room.

When the Sixers didn’t give Harden the 4-year max deal he wanted, this disrupted his idea of himself.

So now – he was going to get back at the Sixers organization by leaving and signing elsewhere.

When he hit the market, Harden was met with a swift realization that he wasn’t going to get anything close to what he seeked in salary or years.

I predicted this would happen months before it did. Basically, Harden was going to stick it to the Sixers and leave them with nothing.

As we all know, Harden had a players option for 2023-24, it was a healthy $35-36 million in salary to return to the Sixers.

Before James Harden wound up only screwing himself over and nobody else, he quickly opted into that salary & demanded a trade.

This was to protect him from losing money in salary. But as I said, he originally was trying to stick it to the Sixers……like a big FU

Then he had to tuck tail & return to Philly, which leaves the Philadelphia organization in a predicament.

I’m not sure if they realize what I know to be fact about James Harden’s psychological makeup

Harden will spite himself to spite you double &/or to cause chaos, this was evident when he requested a trade from Houston and then came into training camp looking like during the summer, he had stuck to a strict diet of milkshakes & donuts ? ?

When he wanted out of Brooklyn, he basically stopped coming to practice & even would arrive at the actual games as late as halftime

He’d be the first to leave after games to hit the strip clubs & then rinse & repeat until Kevin Durant stormed into the offices of Nets management, completely fed up and demonstrating his displeasure by initiating the Harden to Philly move

Reportedly stating, “it was him or Harden”

I firmly believe what caused Kevin Durant wanting out of Brooklyn, it all started with the drama & chaos Harden had caused.

If you remember, it was only about 3 months after Harden left that KD requested a trade during the summer of 2022.

Some people with say James Harden is/was a great basketball player but he is much better at “get back” & drama than he is at basketball.

This is James Harden’s wheelhouse, if he feels you wronged him, he won’t ever let it go & if you force him to be unhappy or not get what he asked for

He will make your life a living hell, if he’s not happy, he’ll make sure you’re miserable.

Basically I’m saying, it’s not a good move to keep him around the organization, he wont give in or forget

Publicly, it might even seem like all that “stuff”, the drama over the summer is over and when everything is looking as positive as possible for the Sixers during the 2023-24 season……

He’ll destroy it. And if he winds up doing to Joel Embiid what he did to Durant in Brooklyn

There might not be a future with Joel Embiid in Philadelphia.

To trade Harden anywhere, the Sixers have to bring back at least $28-29 million in salary.




History Repeating Itself….Again

I’m going to start with text I wrote right after Harden was traded to the 76ers.

James Harden wouldn’t work out at all with his Nets teammates over the summer. He then came into camp out of shape and the Nets players started to HATE how he played basketball.
Steve Nash and Kevin Durant wanted ball and player movement on offense, similar to the offense the Golden State Warriors ran with KD.
Of course James preferred iso ball (dominate the ball). Harden would roll his eyes when Nash designed plays for KD during timeouts.
This caused a rift between Durant and Harden around mid-December. Durant didn’t like James’ approach and Harden didn’t like how Kyrie received special treatment.
Towards the end, Harden was showing up to Nets games around half time and purposely not playing hard and then jumping on a plane to Houston or Vegas to hit the clubs and not making it back in time for the start of the following game, let alone the practices.
Reports state that Durant is pretty much in charge in Brooklyn and he was the one who made the phone call to get James Harden traded to the Sixers.

From article written February 2022

James Harden has to be traded because even if he came back to start the season with the 76ers, it’s only a matter of time before he leaves the team and it becomes public drama…..pure chaos, what Harden lives for. That’s what all the data from Houston and Brooklyn says.

Teams are going to offer you so much less at this point. To trade for Harden, another NBA team has to send at least $28-29 million in salaries back to the Sixers.

What James Harden Cares about

James Harden contract wasnt good for him in Philly.

Obviously, I don’t know everything in life James cares about but from what I can see publicly, he cares about his beard, his wardrobe and in regards to basketball – being treated like an absolute top of the line franchise superstar.

I don’t think anything is more important basketball wise to James Harden. I would assume Daryl Morey knows this and had treated him that way until it became about James Harden’s ego or the 76ers future.

This life or the next

Harden is feeling towards the Sixers like Russell Crowe felt in “Gladiator”, “I will have my vengeance in this life or the next”. History shows us he will not forgive this…ever.

The Sixers aren’t winning a championship this season. I couldn’t believe Daryl Morey made the right decision in not giving James a 4-year Max contract. He’s not completely incompetent in terms of being an NBA GM. Still doesn’t mean he’s actually qualified to be one.

Its fu***** awesome though. It means the Sixers future with Joel Embiid isn’t over by default. You couldn’t give Harden that money, doing so would have pretty much guaranteed the only moves the Sixers could make over the next 4 years are signing their own players (current), draft picks and veteran minimum contracts


James Harden contract has him seeking vengeance against the Philadelphia 76ers

James Harden Contract

James Harden's contract isn't what he wanted and now he's upset

James harden didn’t do the Sixers a favor after the 2021-22 season by taking less money from the Sixers. He was originally signed only through the season that just ended, 2022-23.

Instead the Sixers guard signed a two year contract that gave him two guaranteed years, if he wanted them (player option). This new contract guaranteed Harden $20-25 million more than he was guaranteed previously, before to re-doing his contract.

James Harden, the narcissist will never except this. He is on a mission to screw Philadelphia by leaving the franchise and causing conflict until that happens. MOVE HIM, DO IT NOW, WHILE YOU CAN STILL TRADE HIM.

When the 10x all-star guard realized the 76ers weren’t going to give him the crazy money he wanted with years, at this point, Harden was going to stick it to the Sixers by going out and getting that money elsewhere around the league.

When that failed, James had to come back, tail between his legs and opt-in to the final year at $35,640,000. Make no mistake, this is star player money still, its not like its $19 million, where role players are making more than you…..well….except Tobias Harris but thats another chapter, isn’t it Elton.

Elton Brand was named 76ers general manager but he didn’t actually know the value of money…..OOPS.

One more year

One more year and Tobias’ salary and Harden’s are off the books and then the Sixers can really hit free agency. If they trade James, they need to make sure it’s for other expiring contracts because if any team was dumb enough to give a star player up, it would’ve happened already.

Take 2-3 role players with expiring contracts and hopefully 1-2 first round picks and wait until the 2024-25 off-season. There isn’t another option. There never was another option and some people that still won’t except this…..

Daryl Morey has a bridge to sell you, the same one he got tricked into buying from Brooklyn…..OOPS.

Trade Harden now for good role players and draft picks before he makes this a really, really awful situation and then that’s not even a possibility.

Harden will not forget that he had to tuck tail and opt-in before he wound up forced to accept an even smaller salary from an NBA team 3 weeks before the season started.

In his head, he can at least get paid, while making the SIxers uncomfortable. I promise you, the current Sixers guard, he has a date in his head that after that date, shots fired…..anarchy. Tell Joel to wait until after next season and deal Harden….or the way it all goes down might make Embiid upset like it did to Kevin Durant in Brooklyn.

Leading to his departure. This is James Harden’s wheelhouse, where he excels, don’t mess with him in this. He will win, he will create drama and dissension within the organization, Daryl Morey you will lose that battle.

It’s why he opted-in, so that he has the power to do this….. again.

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