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How to increase your vertical jump for dunking in basketball

Learn How to Dunk a Basketball in 8 weeks

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You can learn how to dunk a basketball in 8 weeks. This is done by training the elastic fibers that you use when attempting a slam dunk.

Most of us aren’t 6-foot-6 like Vince Carter, that doesn’t mean we can’t dunk a basketball though. The secret of dunking is to increase your vertical jump by training your elastic fibers.

Whether you’re trying to impress your friends, impress the girls or playing in an organized league, a successful dunk of a basketball is always impressive.

If you’ve never done it before, dunking can seem impossible. The truth is with some practice and the right training almost anyone can dunk a basketball. It’s a skill that excites and impresses crowds everyday. If you’re looking to increase your vertical jump, this blog post is for you.

We’ll go over some tips and tricks that will help you get closer to dunking that ball. So read on and start working towards this lofty goal.

Vertical Jump training

Do you want to be able to dunk a basketball,

but just don’t know how to increase your vertical jump?

Most people give up on their dreams of dunking because they think that they’re just born with the wrong genetics. This simply isn’t true.
Vert Shock is a proven program that has helped thousands of athletes increase their vertical jump by 6-15 inches in just 8 weeks.

Vert Shock is an innovative training program that specifically focuses on strengthening your elastic fibers to significantly improve your vertical jump.

Check out my Vert Shock review here. It explains how you navigate the program correctly and everything you get with the purchase of this vertical jump training program.

Vert Shock | #1 Worldwide Vertical Jump Training Program
  • Increase your vertical jump by at least 9 - 15 inches in 8 weeks.
  • Enjoy faster reflexes and reaction times on the court.
  • Become the star of the court and amaze your friends with your improved leaping ability.
  • Unleash your inner athlete and reach new heights you never thought possible.

get 50% off for a limited time
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

How it works

If you’ve ever dreamt about developing a high flying game, the Vert Shock training program is for you.

Vert Shock is the most effective vertical jump training program available today. It utilizes a unique combination of plyometrics and explosive exercises with a heavy focus on building up your elastic fibers.

Think of these fibers as a rubber band. The further you stretch these muscles and tendons, the more energy you are storing to jump higher.

When a stretch in the muscle is detected, it activates a reflex which causes the muscle to contract with a large amount of force.

9-15 inches in 8 weeks

This training program will help you add 9-15 inches to your jump.

Achieve these amazing results in just 8 weeks…… With Vert Shock you can learn to dunk in no time.

The rim is about to be within your reach.

Vert Shock promises immediate and exciting results that will have you jumping higher than ever.

You’ll build strength and endurance through a variety of challenging exercises that are specifically tailored to optimize your vertical jump. Vert Shock is strength training for your elastic fibers.

Plus, with personal coaches providing daily guidance every step of the way, there’s no way you won’t succeed. the results speak for themselves….

I’ve never heard anybody say Vert Shock doesn’t provide what it claims… In fact, when I first started researching this a couple years ago, I couldn’t find anyone that didn’t agree that it’s the best vertical jump training program on the market…..The most effective training program by a wide margin.

Don’t settle for mediocrity…… jump right into the revolutionary Vert Shock training Program today. With the right strategies and dedication, it won’t be long before you develop a new swagger on the court…. Get ready to soar to new heights…..Get Vert Shock now……You Won’t Regret It.

Importance of Dunking a Basketball

Best workouts to increase leaping ability via vertical jump training.

Dunking a basketball is an incredibly impressive feat that can be thrilling to watch.

It’s even more exhilarating when you’re the one dunking the basketball.

Not only does the slam dunk show off a player’s power and athleticism but it can also act as a psychological boost for that player’s team.

Momentum can change with a single dunk over an opposing player.

So why is it important to learn how to dunk?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come with this ability.

  • Score more easily than shooting the ball from the perimeter.
  • Less accuracy required – being closer to the basket, defenders have less time to react.
  • Shot can still go in if it’s not perfect.
  • Dunks at the rim often draw fouls……This gives you another way to put points on the scoreboard.
  • You’re that dude that’s dunking in basketball games….Enough said.
  • Chicks are into guys that can dunk too…… If you didn’t know, now you do. So get up and grab the rim…or just stare down into it.

How to increase your vertical jump

Plyometrics are the best way to answer how increase your vertical jump

Training to slam dunk a basketball is a task that should be taken seriously.

It’s important to recognize the key components involved in increasing your vertical jump.

This including focusing on strengthening your core muscles & elastic fibers. Developing explosive power and training with intention are necessary for people that want to put the inches on their vertical jump that’s needed to dunk a ball through a basketball rim.

If you want to jump high and develop the ability to dunk, this is where you start.

Plyometrics are the core of this vertical jump training program designed to increase your leaping ability.

However this training program isn’t the same as other basic plyometric training methods.

Simply doing calf raises or strengthening up your hip flexors won’t do the trick.

Your Elastic Fibers

Vert Shock will teach you how to dunk dunk a basketball by focusing on your elastic fibers.

What are your elastic fibers and why they matter when dunking?

Without getting into too much deep science, they’re essentially the muscle fibers that turn your legs into rubber bands.

When you bend your legs, tension builds up

And when you extend them it releases

It’s all very simple

The only way to increase your maximum vertical is to target and strengthen your elastic fibers

Stronger elastic fibers equal more tension which equals a higher vertical.


If you don’t train using special exercises, you end up neglecting them

sports science

“Run Faster, Jump Higher – Utilizing Your Body’s Elastic Energy”. This is an article I came across while conducting research on elastic fibers. The article was written by Matthew Jessee.

Mr. Jessee submitted this article to the website Athletic Lab.

Matthew was a student at Appalachian State when he wrote this, working on his degree in exercise & sports science.

That profession is much more than just being a glorified trainer.

“”Have you ever wondered why a kangaroo hops? They are utilizing the elasticity of the tendons in their legs. This allows them to jump higher and cover long distances quickly. They do this using the powerful tendons in their legs.””

“”Humans might not be able to jump 20 feet in a single bound nor run at speeds at 40mph, but we can utilize the same principles to enhance performance.””

“”When the skeletal muscle contracts (or shortens) it brings the bones closer together decreasing or increasing a joint angle. These muscles and tendons have elastic properties similar to a rubber band.””

“‘Imagine taking a rubber band and stretching it far apart, then letting it snap back.”” This simply means you are stretching the involved muscles and tendons.”

“”Think of the rubber band – the further you stretch these muscles and tendons, the more energy you are storing to jump higher

“”During this stretch, you are pulling on specialized muscle fibers called muscle spindles that detect tension in the muscle. When a stretch in the muscle is detected, it activates a reflex which causes the muscle to contract with a large amount of force””.

“”not only are the muscles shortening to produce the movement, but the tendons, after being stretched are returning to their normal length.
This adds a lot of extra force to your upward movement compared to just using muscle contraction alone. Remember during this phase the muscles will contract stronger than usual due to the muscle spindles””.

-Matthew Jessee

It was all a dream

For many basketball players, the dream of dunking seems impossible to achieve.

Many basketball players have already chalked it up as fantasy for themselves. This doesn’t have to be the reality though.

You can develop the ability to dunk.

With the proper training and dedication, anyone can increase their vertical jump.

You will jump higher than ever before, Vert Shock isn’t the undisputed best vertical jump training program for nothing.

It’s the industry’s top product because it delivers.

This program will increase your vertical jump….Guaranteed….If you can’t jump higher, Vert Shock has a 60 day – “no questions asked” money back guarantee.

Practice dunking

Dunk on everyone.

You should also practice dunking as you advance through the Vert Shock training program.

A trick to use when working on increasing your vertical jump is attempting to dunk a tennis ball first or any smaller ball of a similar size.

I don’t advise attempting to throw it down on a shorter rim though. This means nothing, the point is dunking on the real thing. Off one leg or two, it needs to be a regulation rim, use a smaller ball at first but on the real thing.

You can’t become a certified, professional dunker like Michael Jordan or Nate Robinson by jumping towards a lowered basket. The whole point is getting your body up using a jumping technique that will get you where you want to go.

Where you Start At

Some people can almost grab the rim, while others can’t even touch the rim yet.

If you can touch the rim already, the next test is to see how long it will take before you can actually grab the rim.

After you can successfully touch the rim, try to dunk a tennis ball. Next, after successfully throwing down the smaller ball, move on to a volleyball or medicine ball before you try to jam with an NBA official sized ball.

You could even use a smaller basketball or a Tom Brady deflated one. Whatever you practice with, it’ll help you to transition to an official fully inflated sized ball, when you’re ready.

This can still be difficult since the ball is so light and the hoop so high. As you go along, make sure when you practice jumping towards the hoop, you focus on your form – on a powerful takeoff from one or both feet. With enough practice, through repetition and the strengthening of your elastic fibers, you’ll begin to see a noticeable increase to your vertical jump – in no time.

Don’t become weighed down

Don’t use any kind of weight jacket or leg weights to weigh your body down as you practice jumping off of one leg. Strapping weight to your body and practicing a one foot jump isn’t how to increase your vertical jump.

Just as you wouldn’t strap weights to one hand or to your fingers as a way to improve your ball handling skills.

Tips to Increase Your Vert

  • The first step to increase your vertical jump is to work on strengthening the muscles involved in jumping (Leg muscles, calf muscles core, glutes).
  • Make sure you’re stretching regularly, so that all of these muscles remain flexible enough to perform at their peak level when it comes time for takeoff.
  • Begin using bands to warm-up your glutes and hip flexors and some very light plyometrics before getting into your workout.
  • Squats and lunges are excellent exercises for targeting these muscle groups and building strength throughout your body. This will help support jumps from a standing position or off of one foot.
  • Plyometric exercises like box jumps or single-leg hops are great too, since they involve explosive movements which mimic what happens when you’re trying to get off the ground quickly during a game or when practicing.
  • Make sure you’re stretching regularly so that all of these muscles remain flexible enough to perform at their peak level when it comes time for takeoff.
  • Make sure you’re stretching regularly so that all of these muscles remain flexible enough to perform at their peak level when it comes time for takeoff.
  • Plyometrics is the essence of any training program designed to make you jump high but other exercises can help with jumping high on the basketball court like calf raises and working other leg muscles too.

Height and Technique

In the world of basketball, the slam dunk is the ultimate showstopper. Whether it’s a one-handed slam, a windmill or a 360-degree spin, each dunk style carries its own flavor and level of difficulty.

Whether one leg or two, one handed to two hand dunks. A single fundamental question seems to persist among basketball enthusiasts and athletes alike: Is it more challenging to dunk off one or two feet?

The choice between a one or a dunk off of two-feet dunk hinges on a myriad of factors, including the player’s physical attributes, jumping ability, and personal preference.

A one-handed slam requires less vertical ability compared to a two-handed dunk.

This is largely due to the fact that a one-handed dunk allows the player to extend their arm further toward the basket, reducing the height you need to jump to get the ball over the rim. While a two-handed dunk requires the player to elevate their entire upper body to the same level as the rim, necessitating a higher vertical jump.

For athletes who aren’t blessed with towering height, this fact becomes particularly crucial. By opting for a one-handed dunk, you can utilize your arm’s length to your advantage, effectively reducing the distance you need to jump.

The approach to the slam dunk can also influence the height of the jump. Most players find that jumping off of one foot from a running start makes it easier to achieve the necessary height to get to the rim. The momentum gathered from a running start can help generate additional force, boosting your vertical jump. This technique mirrors the movements of a long jumper, where speed is converted into lift.

The One-Foot Dunk

Dunking off one foot is often seen as a graceful and fluid motion. It requires an explosive takeoff, precise timing, and a well-coordinated leap. Taller players may find more success with one-foot dunks due to their longer limbs, which allow them to cover greater distance off a single step.

This style of dunking demands exceptional leg strength and fast-twitch muscle fibers.

Dunking with Two-Feet

Conversely, dunking off two feet with two hands is about raw power and vertical leap. This technique provides a solid base of support, enabling athletes to generate more force and height.

Which is more challenging

The verdict on which type of dunk is more difficult seems to depend largely on individual strengths and preferences. While one-foot dunks require a combination of precision and timing, two-foot dunks demand explosive power and the ability to generate force simultaneously from both feet.

Whether you’re a one-foot finesse dunker or a two-foot powerhouse, the beauty of dunking lies in its versatility and the opportunity for personal expression. Regardless of your dunking style, remember that practice, resilience, and a deep understanding of your capabilities are key to mastering the art of the slam dunk.


Plyometric speed training is a great workout for increasing your vertical jump.

When training to increase your vertical jump, so you can throw down the perfect slam dunk, you’re not training the same way you would to lose weight,

Plyometric exercises like depth squats, depth jumps, broad jumps and squat jumps involve explosive muscle movements that increase strength, jumping ability, jump height, agility and overall speed.

When performing these strength training exercises, it’s important to remember to warm up beforehand in order to prevent injury. Remember to always perform high-quality repetitions with correct form as you work on leg strength, core strength and explosiveness.

This means that the height of each jump should be maximum, while also paying attention to landing correctly on both feet with bent knees.

It’s best to start off easy, gradually increasing intensity as you build up your strength training over time. This is to avoid injury due to excessive strain on muscles or joints.

When used consistently over a period of several weeks or months, plyometric exercises like box jumps, can provide numerous benefits such as improved coordination, reduced risk of injury during physical activities, increased flexibility and range of motion due to greater joint mobility.

They also attribute to improved balance, due to proper muscle recruitment patterns across the entire body during explosive movements.

This adds increased power for more dynamic performance, such as higher leaps when dunking a basketball or more powerful kicks from soccer players.

Vert Shock

Vert Shock creator Adam Folker with Kobe Bryant
Vert Shock creator Adam Folker with Kobe Bryant

Do you ever dream of being able to slam dunk?

If so, then Vert Shock’s Vertical Jump Training is the perfect program to help you reach your athletic potential. You can get the training necessary to increase your vertical jump significantly with this specialized eight week program.

The systematic approach is based on scientific principles proven to increase power and explosiveness in athletes of all ages.

The Vert Shock program includes 3 different phases that gradually build up intensity and duration, while also teaching proper form and technique.

Each phase includes a detailed instructional video, workout diary, access to online support forum, nutrition guide, and much more.

Do you need Vert Shock to Dunk

No, you don’t need Vert Shock to be able to dunk a basketball. However, the creator of Vert Shock, Adam Folker is an ex-NCAA baller that played basketball at UC-Irvine. He played pro ball overseas after college too.

It took Adam over five years to perfect this method of working the elastic fibers to increase hops quickly and significantly.

This is the same method that the Russians used to capture gold medals in the high jump at the 1960, 1964, 1968, and 1972 summer Olympic Games.

If you’re a highly skilled trainer that can do this on his own, by all means, feel free to just do it like Nike.

It’s not just the exercises that you train with but just as much, it’s when you perform each exercise that allows this program get the results it gets.

What I mean is for each exercise you use to train with Vert Shock, the order you perform the exercises and how many reps you do, that’s what really matters.

You need the right levels of intensity at the right time to challenge yourself when it matters most.

Get Vert Shock Today

learn how to dunk with Vert Shock.

You’ve been playing basketball for years now, but you’ve never been able to dunk a basketball.

You’ve tried improving your vertical jump before, but it never worked.

With Vert Shock, you can improve your vertical jump in as little as 8 weeks.

The program is designed to target all the muscles involved in jumping, so you’ll see a big increase in your vertical jump height.

Improve your vertical jump and finally dunk a basketball with Vert Shock. The program is easy-to-follow and only requires about an hour of your time, until the training is finished.

Vert Shock comes with a 60-day money back guarantee,

so there’s no risk in trying it out!

Vert Shock | #1 Worldwide Vertical Jump Training Program
  • Increase your vertical jump by at least 9 - 15 inches in 8 weeks.
  • Enjoy faster reflexes and reaction times on the court.
  • Become the star of the court and amaze your friends with your improved leaping ability.
  • Unleash your inner athlete and reach new heights you never thought possible.

get 50% off for a limited time
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Benefits of being able to Dunk

There are many benefits associated, when you learn how to dunk a basketball.

Being able to dunk a basketball is an impressive skill that can give players advantages both on and off the court.

It’s not only a great way to score points quickly, but it also looks really cool and can be incredibly satisfying for those who have worked hard to achieve it.

What are some of the other benefits of dunking? Let’s take a look at some of them below.

  • you will gain confidence in your abilities as an overall basketball player
  • This confidence can help you make better decisions during games
  • Heightened Focus & Coordination
  • Improves agility and flexibility
  • Enhances overall athleticism
  • Builds strength in the arms, legs, and core muscles
  • Develops explosive power
  • Unique way to show off skill and style on the court
  • being able to dunk may even open up opportunities for college scholarships or professional contracts. When coaches see this level of potential, sky is the limit.

Why do I need this vertical jump training program?

Are you wondering, how to dunk. Learn the right way to increase your vertical leap

Not all people need Vert Shock, it’s only for those people that want to be able to dunk but currently can’t. You have to use commonsense too. If a person is 5’2 and buys Vert Shock, they’ll drastically increase their vertical but that might still not be enough for them to be able to get above the rim and throw it down.

Vert Shock was designed specifically for those who want to increase their vertical jump. This program will add 9-15 inches to your vertical.

With over 12 years of research, this groundbreaking program combines breakthrough science with proven methods and techniques used by some of the top professional athletes in the NBA.

What makes Vert Shock stand out from other vertical jump training programs?

Not only does Vert Shock focus on building strength but also agility and balance, which are crucial components in optimizing performance for any basketball player.

Vert Shock’s Vertical Jump Training is your ticket to dunking with confidence.

With this comprehensive program tailored specifically for basketball players, you will be able to leap higher than ever before, faster than you thought possible – join today

You won’t regret it.

Vert Shock | #1 Worldwide Vertical Jump Training Program
  • Increase your vertical jump by at least 9 - 15 inches in 8 weeks.
  • Enjoy faster reflexes and reaction times on the court.
  • Become the star of the court and amaze your friends with your improved leaping ability.
  • Unleash your inner athlete and reach new heights you never thought possible.

get 50% off for a limited time
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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