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Create winning DFS NBA lineups with NBA lineup optimizer tools from Draft Dashboard

Best NBA Lineup Optimizer to maximize your DFS

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Draft Dashboard is the most complete DFS NBA lineup optimizer available today. You’ll find everything you need to dominate your league from one place.

Draft Dashboard is an award-winning fantasy sports app with more than 1 million users worldwide. With Draft Dashboard, you can manage your fantasy teams, draft players, track stats, view player news, and much more.

Draft Dashboard is the best NBA lineup optimizer on the market in 2023 for its price.

Create a winning DFS NBA lineup with NBA lineup optimizer tools today.

Draft Dashboard has it all, sign up for the $1 trial special offer, while it lasts.

It’s a NBA DFS winner, on a nightly basis.

DFS Lineup Optimizer for DraftKings and FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports
Buy Now $1 Trial
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


Put an end to getting stumped picking your lineup with DraftDashBoard.

Build Winning Daily Fantasy Sports Lineups For Draftkings And Fanduel. Our DFS Tools Work For MLB Baseball, NFL Football And NBA Basketball. Try this DFS NBA Lineup Optimizer, Top DFS Players, Perfect Picks! 

Check out all the NBA lineup optimizer tools that Draft Dashboard offers.

$1 trial offer

Try Draft Dashboard for a month for $1 in this trial offer. Find out if Draft Dashboard is truly worth it long term. The $1 trial is worth it for any DFS player looking to boost their Daily Fantasy Sports income.

DFS Lineup Optimizer for DraftKings and FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports
Buy Now $1 Trial
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

NBA DFS projections & Features

Check out all the features and NBA DFS projections tools available in Draft Dashboard.

Draft Dashboard has many Daily Fantasy tools to choose from like the Daily Fantasy Optimizer, position optimizer, DFS sleepers, Daily Fantasy Advice, Find the DFS studs, Team Browser, watched players, top weekly players, 3D lineup visualizer, save DFS lineups, 24/7 player news, and mass lineup generator.

This NBA lineup optimizer has precise NBA DFS projections so that you will maximize your profits with the best NBA optimal lineup daily.


If DFS were as easy as picking the best players at each position, you wouldn’t need to do much research. To win at DFS, you need to become apt at identifying sleepers.

The Sleepers and Studs tool makes it easy to find value plays. This tool highlights players with high Dash Rank and low salaries while also considering their upcoming opponent.

This Daily Fantasy Optimizer puts a lot of focus on sleepers. Any successful NBA optimal lineup is executed with sleepers. If you could just make lineups with the best players there wouldn’t be a need for a DFS optimizer.

Draft Dashboard puts a lot of optimization into helping the user find the likely sleepers to make their lineups explode and ultimately winning them money.


A players DashRank is based on a 0-100 scale. The closer a player’s Dash Rank is to 100, the more likely they are to produce a high fantasy point output. The algorithm utilizes several critical factors including player match-ups and scoring history.

The DashRank will tell you if the player is healthy, if he’s been hot or cold recently.

Position Optimizer

In the Draft Dashboard position optimizer, you can see all the players in the sport your building a lineup for with stats from past games and projections moving forward.

Let’s take the NBA lineup optimizer for example, you’ll see projections for the projected pace of that night’s matchups. (pace usually dictates game speed, increased pace resulting in more shot attempts and therefore more points overall).

You will also see a players opponents position rank and the oppositions defensive rank, as well as if the player you’re scouting, has he been hot or cold recently.

You will also see his projected points for the upcoming game and a season value based on his daily fantasy points and his salary.

Each players position rank is based on his projected points that night and you can switch this too. For example, maybe you want to see the best projected players that are under a certain cost, you can do that.

Maybe you want to see a ranking for the players who have been the hottest or the ones with the highest projected game pace, no problem, you can do that and many other things.

Projected lineups list of tools

  • Strength of opposing defense
  • Strength of opposing defense vs position
  • Injury status
  • Projected fantasy points
  • Projected salary per fantasy point
  • Performance in last 3 games
  • Touches/Snaps per game
  • % of leagues owned
  • % of leagues started
  • Relevant news

Watched List

This part is important, as you go through the Draft Dashboard tools like projected lineups, studs, and sleepers, you want to add some of these players to your watchlist.

You can simply use the mass generator and that will create you a viable lineup but this isn’t the best way to win money using these DFS tools.

The projected lineup optimizer shows you the best projected plays that night and also looking at strictly the sleepers (projected low cost, high reward players) to maximize Draft Dashboard to win money on DraftKings or FanDuel, you save the players that you think are of the best value.

The more knowledge the NBA lineup optimizer has the better odds at success but the projections are based on many factors and can give a clear understanding of who will prosper that night.

So we save these players that we like to our watchlists to increase the chances of having the best optimization in our NBA DFS projections.

NBA Lineup Optimizer

This brings us to where the magic happens in Draft Dashboard and thats the Lineup Optimizer.

Where you really get a leg up on your competition with the NBA DFS optimizer.

In the NBA Lineup Optimizer, this is where your Daily Fantasy sports lineup gets that optimized boost to win you big money.

Since you prioritized the players you like and did the research in the position optimizer, the lineup optimizer is much easier.

First you generate a lineup, this lineup will be generated with various players under the daily allowance and especially from your watchlist.

When you click generate NBA optimal lineup, the DFS optimizer will pull in top value players for all the positions of a daily Fantasy lineup that’s optimized for success.

Here’s the cool part, after the lineup is created, under each player starting at each position, the lineup optimizer will tell you you have zero upgrades or however many upgrades your lineup could use on the road to victory.

If the DFS optimizer tells you that you have three possible upgrades, what this means is that there are three better possible upgrades based on point projections for that nights games that are under the salary limit, for that given night.

Giving you the best optimized lineup possible. The goal is to not have any upgrades left for each position when you complete your lineup.

No limit

I’ve been talking about DFS lineups in a singular tone but there are no limits to the number of lineups you can create, generate, and optimize each night with Draft Dashboard’s NBA lineup optimizer.

DFS NBA picks for tonight

DFS Lineup Optimizer for DraftKings and FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports
Buy Now $1 Trial
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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