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Best Eagles WR's all-time ranked

Best Eagles WR’s of All-Time Ranked

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 Cris Carter

Cris Carter Eagles WR

I don’t think Cris Carter belongs on a list of the best Eagles WR’s of all-time but I’m going to place him here to appease the fans that will mention where’s Cris Carter?

I’ll probably have just as many people mad that he’s on the list as those upset if he wasn’t here.

Making this a lose-lose situation for me. Moving forward, it doesn’t matter how great a player is overall, just what he did in Philadelphia.

Stats aren’t the begin and end-all either. Importance to team, what that players stats meant to winning, etc, will also be taken into account.

31 gms- 89- 1,450 yards- 19 TD- 16.3 Y/R

 Ben Hawkins

Eagles wide receiver Ben Hawkins

Ben Hawkins played eight seasons on the Eagles WR’s corps. In his second season in 1967, Hawkins led the NFL in receiving yards (1,265) and Y/G (90.4)

Although he never matched or came close to these numbers again, he is ranked 11th all-time in Philadelphia Eagles receiving yards.

The 90.4 yards-per-game in 1967 is still an Eagles record, as is his yards-per-reception that season of 21.4.

On September 28, 1969, he set the franchise record for receiving touchdowns in a game with four.

1967- 59 – 1,265 yards – 10 TD – 21.4 Y/R

career- 261 – 4,764 yards – 32 TD – 18.3 Y/R

 Irving Fryar

Irving Fryar is one of the best Eagles WR's

Irving Fryar was from Mt. Holly, New Jersey. He attended the University of Nebraska and along with Mike Rozier and quarterback Turner Gill, was part of one of the most prolific offenses in NCAA history.

The 1983 Cornhuskers would be considered a top 3-5 team all-time if they hadn’t lost the 1984 Orange Bowl to the underdog Miami Hurricanes. This is one of the greatest college football games of all-time, if you ever get a chance to watch it, you should.

Fryar was selected with the top pick in the 1984 NFL Draft.

Irving came to Philadelphia in 1996 at 34-years-old. With the Eagles he had two 1,000+ yard seasons, including the most receptions (88) and touchdowns (11) in his career in 1996 (88).

In 1997, he had the receiving yards of his career with 1,316.

He was a 5-time pro-bowler, two off them with the Philadelphia Eagles.

88 rec 1195 yards 13.6 Y/R 11 TD
86 rec 1316 yards 15.3 Y/R 6 TD

 Jeremy Maclin

Jeremy Maclin is one of the Philadelphia Eagles best WR's

Jeremy Maclin was drafted with the 19th pick in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft.

In his five seasons, he would become one of the best Philadelphia Eagles WR’s of all-time.

His best season was his final year in 2014. Maclin is 10th all-time in Eagles receiving yards.


85 rec 1318 yards 15.5 Y/R 10 TD

Career with Eagles

343 rec 4771 yards 13.9 Y/R 36 TD

 Alshon Jeffery

Alshon Jeremy making a TD grab in Super Bowl 52

Alshon Jeffery is ranked where he is for one simple reason. It’s not his longevity as an Eagles receiver, or his record breaking statistics.


They needed a legitimate WR1. The Eagles WR’s, TE’s and overall offense was very versatile with many different players contributing but if you take Jeffery out of that equation, everything changes.

Jeffery was a standout star going back to his time at South Carolina but he had suffered injuries in college and the NFL.

He wasn’t that same player in 2017 but the Eagles gambled in signing him and it paid off.

He wasn’t the player who caught 89 balls for 1,421 yards in 2013 anymore.

He might not have been an elite number 1 anymore but he was still a top receiver that had to be accounted for by the opposition. Philly needed this to really roll.

He holds the Eagles record for most receiving yards in a single postseason with 219 in 2018 too.

 Fred Barnett

Fred Barnett on of the best Eagles WR's

Fred Barnett was the leader of the Eagles WR’s corps during the Buddy Ryan/Randall Cunningham era.

Drafted in 1990, Barnett immediately made an impact in the passing game.

He was with the Birds for six seasons and made the Pro-Bowl in 1992. Fred had two 1,000+ yard seasons in Philly and another with 948 yards.


78 rec 1127 yards 14.4 Y/R 5 TD

Career with Eagles

308 rec 4634 yards 15.0 Y/R 28 TD

 Pete Retzlaff

Pete Retzlaff was one of the best Eagles WR's & TE's

Pete Retzlaff is second all-time in Philadelphia Eagles receiving yards. He’s on of the best Eagles WR’s of all-time.

The reason he isn’t ranked higher on this list is because his best seasons came playing at tight end.

A member of the 1960 championship team, Retzlaff was a five-time pro-bowler and a First Team All-Pro in 1965.

He won the Bert Bell award that same season.

Career stats

452 rec 7412 yards 16.4 Y/R 47 TD

 Harold Jackson

Harold Jackson of the Eagles

Harold Jackson was a 5-time Pro Bowler and a First Team All-Pro in 1973.

He only spent four seasons in Philadelphia but is still one of the best Eagles WR’s of all-time.

His best statistical seasons were as an Eagles wide receiver. Jackson had two seasons with 1000+ yard seasons.

Both of those seasons he led the NFL in receiving yards and yards-per-game. He also led the league in receptions with the Eagles in 1972 (62).


65 rec 1116 yards 17.2 Y/R 9 TD


62 rec 1048 yards 16.9 Y/R 4 TD

Career with Eagles

215 rec 3493 yards 16.2 Y/R 21 TD

 Desean Jackson

Desean Jackson is one of the best Eagles WR's ever

Desean Jackson was drafted by Philadelphia in the 2nd round of the 2008 NFL Draft.

He’d go on to play in three Pro-Bowls with the Birds in his first of two stints with the team.

He was an Eagle his first six seasons in the NFL and had three 1,000+ yard seasons as well as two more that he went over 900 yards.

As far as Eagles WR’s go, Jackson took the top off the defense like none other. Just explosive from go. Speaking of go that was pretty much the extent of his route running tree.

He is third all-time in franchise receiving yards and sixth in receptions.


82 rec 1332 yards 16.2 Y/R 9 TD

Eagles Career

379 rec 6512 yards 17.2 Y/R 35 TD

 Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens was one of the best Eagles wr's

Terrell Owens is one of the greatest receivers of all-time in NFL history and in his 22 games leading the Eagles WR’s, he carved a spot out for himself in this franchises history too.

This is a ranking of place and time. Anyone who was an Eagles fan in the early 2000’s knows what “T.O” did for the Eagles.

If he didn’t get injured at the end of the 2004 season, he might be ranked even higher on this list.

On the field, No Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver has ever been as dominant game-for-game.

Owens didn’t listen to his doctors and played in Super Bowl 39, he had 9 receptions and 122 yards, playing on one leg

Career with Eagles

124 rec 1963 yards 15.8 Y/R 20 TD

 Mike Quick

Mike Quick one of the best Eagles WR's

Mike Quick was drafted by the Eagles with the 20th pick in the first round of the 1982 Draft.

He played his whole nine year career with the Birds and was a five-time Pro-Bowler and two-time First Team All-Pro selection.

He had 1,000+ yards receiving three-times and led the league in 1983.

Quick is third in receiving yards and touchdown catches in Eagles history.


69 rec 1409 yards 20.4 Y/R 13 TD


363 rec 6464 yards 17.8 Y/R 61 TD

 Pete Pihos

Pete Pihos one of the best Eagles wide receivers

Pete Pihos was one of the Eagles WR’s (it’s best) and a defensive end on back-to-back NFL championship teams.

In his first three seasons, Pihos played in three straight NFL championship games.

He played his entire 9-year career with the Birds, being named too six Pro-Bowls and he was a five-time First-Team All-Pro selection.

Pihos scored the only offensive touchdown in a 14-0 win in the 1949 NFL championship game, a 31 yard reception.

He led the NFL in free options three times, receiving yards twice and touchdowns once and receiver wasn’t even his best position.

All-time, he ranks 6th in receiving yards, 7th in receptions and 44th in touchdowns for Eagles WR’s


63 rec 1049 yards 16.7 Y/R 10 TD


373 rec 5619 yards 15.1 Y/R 61 TD

 Tommy McDonald

Tommy McDonald was one of the best Eagles WR's of all-time

Tommy McDonald was vital to the Philadelphia Eagles winning the 1960 NFL Championship.

He was a six-time Pro-Bowler. Five of those with the Eagles. In 1961 & 1962, he topped 1,100 yards receiving both seasons. Leading the NFL in receiving yards and touchdowns in 1961.

Tommy holds the franchise record with 237 yards receiving in a game against the New York Giants on December 10, 1961.

McDonald holds the record for yards-per-reception in franchise history too.


64 rec 1144 yards 17.9 Y/R 13 TD

Eagles Career

287 rec 5499 yards 19.2 Y/R 66 TD

 Harold Carmichael

Harold Carmichael is the greatest of Eagles WR's

Harold Carmichael is the greatest of Philadelphia Eagles WR’s. He was 6’8, 225 pounds.

Carmichael holds the franchise records for receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns in the regular season.

He also holds the records for most receiving yards, yards-per-reception, and receiving touchdowns in the postseason.

In his 13 seasons, Carmichael had three 1,000+ yard seasons, leading the NFL in receiving yards (1,116) and receptions (67) in 1973.


67 rec 1116 yards 16.7 Y/R 9 TD

Career with Eagles

589 rec 8978 yards 15.2 Y/R 79 TD


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