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76ers Salaries for 2022-23

76ers Salaries & moves by Morey for 2023

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76ers salaries and moves by Morey for 2023. Why did he hard-cap the team. What was the reason for this? I’m not really sure? Maybe he thinks that adding P.J Tucker and Danuel House will make the Sixers contenders.

After the Harden restructured contract, the Sixers have $2,678,851 left. They can’t go beyond this under any circumstance until July 1, 2023.

Sixers Salary Cap 2023

The NBA luxury cap threshold is roughly set at $149 million and the luxury tax apron, the number that the 76ers Salaries can’t surpass is $156,938,000. Right now after signing James Harden to his new contract, the Sixers Salary cap 2023 is sitting at $154,259,149.

This is your 2022-23 Philadelphia 76ers. Likely minus a couple players currently under contract and with the possibly of signing another player to a minimum contract.

The Reggie Bullock trade is possible, depending on what the Dallas Mavericks want for him. Basically if they want Furkan Korkmaz and Matisse Thybulle, it works.

Luckily, Morey can’t give Dallas 14 1st round picks and hopefully he doesn’t give them the 76ers 2029 first round pick either.

This won’t make the Sixers championship contenders though. If two-of-your-top-three contracts are bad contracts, you’re not winning anything really.

Signing players with years to contracts that their talent doesn’t warrant is why the Knicks have been irrelevant for the past 20 years.

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76ers salary cap table

The core of the 2022-23 Philadelphia 76ers payroll

76ers player salaries

Tobias Harris$37,633,050$39,270,150$0$0$0
Joel Embiid$33,616,770$46,550,000$50,274,000$53,998,000$57,722,000
PJ Tucker$10,490,000$11,014,500$11,539,000$0$0
De’Anthony Melton$8,250,000$8,000,000$0$0$0
Furkan Korkmaz$5,000,000$5,370,370$0$0$0
Matisse Thybulle$4,379,526$6,275,861$0$0$0
Danuel House$4,105,000$4,310,250$0$0$0
Georges Niang$3,465,000$0$0$0$0
Tyrese Maxey$2,726,880$4,343,920$6,259,588$0$0
Jaden Springer$2,125,200$2,226,240$4,018,363$5,987,361$0
Shake Milton$1,997,718$0$0$0$0
Isaiah Joe$1,782,621$0$0$0$0
Paul Reed$1,782,621$0$0$0$0
Trevelin Queen$1,637,966$1,927,896$0$0$0
Charles Bassey$1,563,518$1,836,096$0$0$0
Julian Champagnie$508,891$1,761,752$0$0$0
Charlie Brown$502,080$0$0$0$0
Michael Foster$0$0$0
James Harden

76ers salary cap table source HoopsHype

Tyrese Maxey is a team option again after 2022-23 and Jaden Springer’s salary is a team option in each of the next two off-seasons.

Danuel House Jr. has a player option for 2023-24. The Sixers also have signed the maximum in Two-Way contracts with Julian Champagnie and Charlie Brown JR.

The Sixers also signed 20-year-old five-star recruit Aminu Mohammed to an Exhibit 10 contract (a one-year, minimum salary deal that may be converted to a two-way contract before the start of the regular season).

Mohammed didn’t live up to the hype as a freshman at Georgetown, honestly leaving the program, from an NBA standpoint will likely be a bad life choice for him.


The Sixers aren’t getting Eric Gordon either. He makes almost $20 million, who are the Sixers trading to get him? The answer is no one. Don’t count on the Sixers trading Tobias Harris’ contract, it’s a death sentence.

Anything is possible though, it only takes one Daryl Moron type to make something like this happen. The Sixers would still have to bring most of Harris’ almost $38 million in salary back. No one is giving up a star player for Tobias Harris and the Sixers 2029 first round pick.

Most teams would want Harris at the salary number that Philly acquired him on before the 2019 trade deadline, which was $18 million. Not $40 million per season.

Any Bradley Beal trade added to the 76ers salaries would only represents another bad contract and you’re not winning an NBA championship without a perimeter defense. This move would guarantee the Sixers won’t win a championship with Joel Embiid.

It’s more likely to construct a Tobias trade for another bad contract? This doesn’t usually work out any better than the current situation a team is it. Whoever the team is, whenever this happens.

The one good thing about Harden’s new contract is both he and Tobias will be off the payroll in two years. Harden salary should’ve be off the books after next season but maybe (hopefully) the perfect free-agents will be available in two years.

If one is available after next season and not when these contracts expire, then this Harden move was a franchise killing move as far as winning in the Joel Embiid era.

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76ers Salaries hard-capped

PJ Tucker was signed to the 76ers Salaries on the teams payroll with a full MLE in the summer of 2022.

An NBA team becomes hard capped by using the full mid-level exception, using the Bi-Annual exception or if a team acquires a player through a sign-and-trade.

The 76ers salaries are hard-capped now through June 30, 2023 because they used both the MLE (Tucker) and the Bi-annual exception (House).

P.J. Tucker signed a Non-Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception for 3-years at $33,043,500 and Danuel House signed a Bi-Annual Exception at $8,415,250 over two seasons.

Either of these moves would’ve hard-capped the Sixers in 2022-23. They would’ve had to use the Taxpayers Mid-Level Exception alone to not become hard-capped.

I don’t know why President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey would hard-cap the 76ers salaries for the next 12 months? I believe Morey is posturing the city of Philadelphia, pretending this team will contend for an NBA championship in 2022-23.

If its just public pressure that is causing this, that troublesome, it isn’t a virtue for anyone in Morey’s position that will lead to ultimate success

That’s just my opinion, another option is he is so underqualified for his position that he just doesn’t know any better and believes it himself.

Someone should inform Sixers owner Josh Harris of this fact. It is a fact, anyone that doesn’t realize that now, time will change your stance and mindset. Anything but this reality will be laughable to the entire city with time.


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76ers salary cap

76ers salaries within the NBA's CBA.

I don’t know if Daryl Morey hard-capping the 76ers salary cap in 2022-23 is a mistake or not. I like P.J Tucker and he could be an important piece to a team winning a championship like he was in 2021 with the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Philadelphia 76ers aren’t that team though. Let’s be honest, if Joel Embiid got injured in the preseason and missed the entire 2022-23 season, the Sixers are a lottery team.

Joel takes this team far beyond where they should be with the front office mistakes that have been made by Elton Brand and Daryl Morey.

Possibly, if the backcourt didn’t have two players that can’t defend and the perimeter defense was better, Joel would have the opportunity to win a championship singlehandedly.

The odds of this happening are very slim but they aren’t zero percent. In fact, you can’t win rings if your perimeter defense is a liability. NOT EVEN AN OPTION.

I don’t care if its Tyrese Maxey and James Harden or Harden and Bradley Beal, the chances of your team winning with perimeter defense as a liability are at zero percent. Not happening, I’ll put my life on it.

If you don’t agree with me, you just lack the proper knowledge and information. If you had the information, you’d agree.

The Big Mistake

James Harden took a payout but still has one of the 76ers biggest salaries.

The big mistake that Morey made was giving a 32-year-old Harden an extra year at a lower salary cap hit within the 76ers salaries and how they’re structured. The two year deal is worth $68 million. $32,692,308 in 2022-23 and $35,307,692 in 2023-24.

This is a player in decline. He was in decline with the Brooklyn Nets. Morey didn’t recognize this because he is unqualified to make front office decisions and he either doesn’t have anyone around him that can evaluate talent or he just doesn’t listen to them.

This is a problem. A big problem for the future of the team and the 76ers salaries on the payroll. You can’t make these mistakes and expect to contend for championships.

Harden & Morey

Daryl Morey traded for James Harden adding him to the 76ers Salaries within the teams payroll

Daryl Morey is doubling down on his decision to bring James Harden’s contract to Philadelphia. I’ve written articles about Harden since he was in Houston, all of them are negative.

“The Simplicity” will tell me I’m a hater but what I am is a skilled evaluator of talent and what it takes to win a championship in the NBA.

I don’t know these things because I’m smarter than you, I know these things because I have studied every player, from almost every team in every season via full game film.

Probably takes me about 6-8 hours to properly evaluate a basketball game. Rewind, ease back, rewind, pause, play. When this is done daily for two decades, you’d be amazed at how different basketball really is compared to the perception of it on TV as reported by the media. It’s why I have so many articles where it looks like “THIS MOTHERF***** GOT HIMSELF A CRYSTAL BALL OR SOMERTHING, HE’S CHEATING”.

I haven’t just been right in every article about Harden that I’ve written, I’ve nailed it to the letter. The letter M for murdered that bit**.

I’m tired of being humble with the knowledge I possess. IF YOU DISAGREE WITH ME, IT’S COOL, YOU’RE JUST MISTAKEN.

Many Nets fans in 2021 were hateful when I predicted with the addition of All-Star guard James Harden, the Brooklyn Nets wouldn’t get out of the 2nd round of the playoffs. I was an idiot that knew nothing about basketball.

I heard the same things last year when I said the Lakers wouldn’t be contenders anymore with the addition of Russell Westbrook.

It was going to be Nets v. Lakers in the 2022 NBA Finals. Anything else was nonsense, fictitious stupidity.

Daryl Morey is posturing

Daryl Morey is in charge of the 76ers salaries within the teams payroll in 2022.

Daryl Morey is posturing or just doesn’t know what he’s doing. This is why the 76ers Salaries will be hard-capped until July 1, 2023.

He’s going to double down on James Harden and try to convince people that he’s putting a contender on the floor. The 76ers salaries and payroll would be trending upward if not for Morey’s overall management of the 76ers salary cap.

This is a man that gave up two first round picks for a declining Harden. A player that wouldn’t have played again for the Brooklyn Nets. Not under any circumstances.

When a player tells a franchise that he wants to be traded and won’t play for that franchise again, you never give first round draft picks to acquire that player. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU MORON.

Better be LeBron or KD if you’re going to do that. A real top ten NBA player, not just someone that is paid like one.

He gave two first round picks to the Oklahoma City Thunder and two draft swaps along with Chris Paul to acquire Russell Westbrook.

DARYL MORON DOESN’T KNOW WHAT HE’S DOING. The Houston Rockets haven’t even payed for this F’ up yet, the picks are for 2024 and 2026.


At least he didn’t give Harden the contract extension that would’ve made him the highest paid NBA player in a couple years. He’s doesn’t have the second highest salary in the NBA anymore either.

He is being massively overpaid for an extra season now though.


Sixers team president, Daryl Morey isn’t a basketball mind, he’s an analytics guy. LITERALLY. He comes from the Moneyball analytical family. He went to MIT and then worked in analytics for MLB at Stats Inc. Morey said himself in 2020 that at first he had analytical tools that other teams didn’t. That’s not the case anymore.

More importantly, the National Basketball Association isn’t Major League Baseball. Daryl Morey isn’t Billy Beane, he’s Jonah Hill and the President of Sixers Basketball Operations doesn’t have his Adam Sandler that can properly diagnose talent.

The top two aspects of winning NBA championships are defense and ball protection. Without these how many points you score is irrelevant.

James Harden holds the record for the most turnovers in an NBA season all-time. He also holds the 3rd & 5th top spots. Russell Westbrook takes up the 2nd & 4th spots.

TOP 5 NBA Turnover Seasons All-Time

  1. 1) James Harden – 464 Tov – 2016-17
  2. 2) Russell Westbrook – 438 Tov – 2016-17
  3. 3) James Harden – 387 Tov – 2018-19
  4. 4) Russell Westbrook – 381 Tov – 2017-18
  5. 5) James Harden – 374 Tov – 2015-16

You can throw all the advanced stats out the window when you turn the ball over like this and don’t play defense. This will stop a contender in its tracks, especially when its coming from the primary ball handler.

Like I said, this isn’t baseball. Individual defensive stats are deceiving. They’re garbage. Once more, the NBA isn’t baseball, where it’s pitcher vs. hitter.

In Shape

76ers Salaries after becoming hard capped

Many fans might not want to hear this because they want to believe the madness that the media is spewing about James Harden will be a better player if he is in better shape.

First of all, any person that runs up and down a basketball court daily, they aren’t in BAD SHAPE. Couple this with the fact that Harden was at his best for the Sixers his first few games with the team. There is a reason for this.

When a player is in the beginning stages of decline and has time to rest his body, he will seem like the player that he was in his prime. The reason for initial decline is that the body doesn’t recover the way it had before. Recovery takes longer as you get older.

This is why if a player takes PED’s he can be in his prime at 40-years-old like the baseball players from the 1990’s.

The PED’s rectify this issue in the human body allowing your body to recover as if you were still young, albeit chemically, not naturally.

James Harden played his last game with the Brooklyn Nets on February 2, 2022. He scored 4 points on 2-11 shooting with 7 rebounds, 12 assists, and six turnovers in 37 minutes.

The 76ers point guard didn’t play his first game as a Sixer for another 23 days, on February 25. His body recovered during that 3.5 week period and when he was playing regularly again, after 5-6 games his body was forced to recover faster and it couldn’t anymore.

This is why you saw a slower, sluggish version of the ten-time NBA all-star. Signs of decline 101.

Type Decline

He will likely have the same thing happen to begin the 2022-23 season. The first two or three weeks at least, he will look better and quicker but that will quickly dissapate. When Charles Barkley was much younger he once said something similar on Inside the NBA, stating that if he joined a team right before the playoffs, he would likely be able to play 10-15 minutes-per-game but nobody does this because it would mess up team chemistry.

Him saying this is from his own experience playing basketball and going through decline. A players prime is from 27-32, give or take a year or two.

This is my experience in studying every player to play with film on them. From before their NBA careers, to rising star, into their primes and through decline.

Run up and down a basketball court with a ball dribbling for 45 minutes a day and tell me what kind of shape you’re in. We’re not talking about Harden lifting weights and putting on muscle, We’re talking about conditioning and WE Talking Bout Practice Man and THE GAME. AND THE GAME.

James Harden isn’t slower because he’s in bad shape, he’s slower because he’s declining and he’s been declining since 2020. This is why I say Daryl Morey doesn’t know what he’s doing. You don’t look at the 76ers salaries and go “Let’s go add Harden to the payroll at his price tag”.

In Morey’s defense, he obviously can’t evaluate talent or he would’ve seen within seconds that James was in decline.

Let it be known, I wouldn’t want James Harden on my team in his prime. You’d never win a championship with him.

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2018 WCF

James Harden's playoff stats for his career.

The Houston Rockets acquired Chris Paul for the 2017-18 season and even though James Harden holds records for the most turnovers in an NBA season, the Rockets were still a win away from defeating Kevin Durant’s Golden State Warriors in the 2018 Western Conference Finals.

The Houston Rockets were up 3-games-to-2 against the defending NBA champions but Chris Paul injured his hamstring in game 5.

The Warriors would win game 6, 115-86 and game 7, 101-92, winning the series and going to the 2018 NBA Finals. Harden turned the ball over 14 times in those two games.

Game 6: 9 assists-9 turnovers

Game 7: 6 assists-5 turnovers

James Harden and Klay Thompson defended each other the majority of the time in the series and the Rockets could’ve won if one out of three things doesn’t happen.

  • James Harden doesn’t shoot 24.4% from 3-point range (19-78)
  • Klay Thompson doesn’t shoot 49.1% from 3-point range (27-55)
  • James Harden doesn’t turn the ball over 34 times (42 ast)

Yes, More Turnovers

James Harden is the NBA turnover king

We know that James Harden holds the record for the most turnovers in an NBA season and has career assist-to-turnover ratio of 1.80. Whatever is below being historically awful, thats what this is.

The Sixers point guard shouldn’t be allowed to pass or dribble the basketball.


He had 14 points on 2-11 shooting with 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 12 turnovers in 43:15 minutes in this game 5 of the 2015 Western Conference Finals.


Even if James Harden was in his prime, he does the things that ensure your team doesn’t win NBA championships.

Always remember the top two aspects to winning championships are defense and protecting the ball. Without them how many points you score is irrelevant.

Daryl Moron’s incompetant ass can

Coach Fizdale gif, "Take that for data".

A Harden in Houston timeline

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What’s up Doc

Doc Rivers and Michael Jordan 1988 NBA all-star game

I wonder how long it will be before a certain section of Sixers fans that I like to refer to as “the Simplicity” start asking for Doc Rivers tenure to be set ablaze.

I mean it’s definitely the coaches and has nothing to do with the talent that the coaching staff has to work with. The talent that Daryl Morey and Elton Brand provided with the current Sixers salaries on the payroll?

I don’t love Rivers as a coach but a team can do much worse. He won an NBA championship and coached in a game 7 of another NBA Finals, when he had the proper talent. Losing to Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and the back-to-back NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers. Doc SUCKS.

Players win championships, don’t believe me, go and look up both Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich’s coaching resumes.

The only reason that the Rivers led Celtics didn’t make the 2009 NBA Finals is because Kevin Garnett was injured but they still forced Orlando to seven games before losing.

The 76ers need to part ways with Daryl Morey before Joel Embiid’s supermax extension begins.

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