Zcode score predictor forecasts Tar Heels in 2022 NCAA Tournament

Zcode score predictor flawlessly forecasts Heels wins

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Zcode score predictor flawlessly forecasts Heels wins in March. What does this mean? What it means is by using the fully transparent Z-Code betting systems, I was able to win a good amount of money betting on North Carolina in the first & second rounds of the 2022 NCAA Tournament.

I like winning money, I’m sure you do too, but what left me awestricken was the actual game scores and the predictions of these games. They were almost identical.

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Even if you aren’t looking to make an almost guaranteed profit or don’t have the money to spend right now, you still have to check out these bracket projections from the Heels games last weekend.

(9)Marquette vs. (8)UNC

The Marquette-North Carolina 2022 NCAA Tournament 1st round game was almost verbatim to the Zcode score predictor.

As the first round of the 2022 NCAA Tournament got underway on Thursday, the Marquette Golden Eagles faced off against the North Carolina Tar Heels in the East Region.

The game was played at Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas. This was an 8 vs. 9 matchup, the 8-9 games are usually even matched.


Spread: North Carolina -3.5 (-110) / Marquette +3.5 (-110)

Money line: North Carolina -180 / Marquette +145

Z-Code Score predictor

A look at Z-Code score predictor for Marquette vs UNC

The Zcode score predictor for Marquette-North Carolina showed a 88-57 Tar Heels victory.

That’s a 31 point victory that Z-Code score predictor forecasted. This betting system has never had a losing month, not even once, going back to 1999.

The final score was 95-63. A 32 point North Carolina win in the first round over Marquette.

Zcode score predictor was near verbatim in forecasting the actual UNC vs Marquette 1st round game from the 2022 NCAA Tournament.

Prediction: 88-57 Tar Heels victory

Actual Score: 95-63 Tar Heels victory

(8)UNC vs. (1)Baylor

 Z-Code score predictor for Baylor vs North Carolina were almost verbatim

The North Carolina Tar Heels defeating Marquette wasn’t shocking, although forecasting a 31 point victory was, with the actual differential being 32 points.

Up next for the Tar Heels were the Baylor Bears. The defending National Champions. Baylor was the top seed in the East region and hadn’t been challenged in the NCAA Tournament in the last two seasons.

Every Baylor victory was decided long before the games actually ended. Needless to say they were the favorite entering the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas to battle the 8th seeded team from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Spread: UNC +5.5 (-112) / Baylor -5.5 (-108)

Money Line: UNC +200 / Baylor -250

Z-Code Scores Predictor

The Z-Code bracket predictions for Baylor vs North Carolina in the 2022 NCAA Tournament.

The Z-Code score predictor forecasted a North Carolina upset victory over the defending champions.

What I found to be remarkable was just how precise this prediction was.

Prediction: 92-84 Tar Heels Victory

Actual Score 93-86 Tar Heels Victory

(8)UNC vs. (4)UCLA

Zcode score predictor forecasted the North Carolina-UCLA game correctly from the 2022 NCAA Tournament's Sweet Sixteen.

The North Carolina Tar Heels squared off against the UCLA Bruins at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for an East Region Sweet Sixteen affair.

The Bruins would be the second 2021 Final Four team that the Tar Heels played in the 2022 NCAA Tournament.


Spread: UNC +2.5 (-120) / UCLA -2.5 (-105)

Money Line: UNC +115 / UCLA -140

Score Predictor

The Zcode score predictor results for UNC vs UCLA

The Zcode score predictor saw a 90-69 Tar Heels upset over the fourth seeded UCLA Bruins in the East Region Sweet Sixteen at Wells Fargo.

The Zcode score predictor got all these games correct. You can see the predictor chose Carolina 71% of simulations and it chose St. Peter’s over Purdue 76% of the time.

The human element wasn’t confident in choosing St. Peter’s, only 23.4% of sharp bettors agreed with the score predictor but in the end, the betting software was right again.

Zcode betting systems also had the Miami Hurricanes winning against Iowa State in the 2022 Sweet Sixteen.

Prediction: 90-69 Tar Heels Victory

Actual Score: 73-66 Tar Heels Victory

Elite Eight

Zcode score predictor is spot on for Carolina vs. St Peter's in the 2022 Elite Eight.

The Saint Peter’s Peacocks were a 15 seed and weren’t expected to make it to the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament.

It’s March Madness, things happen. North Carolina found themselves as the favorites in this game with the winner going to the Final Four.

Zcode score predictor had Carolina defeating St. Peter’s in a close 87-83 contest but the Tar Heels took care of business, winning by 20 points. 69-49.

Personally I expected UNC to win easier than the prediction but many analysts and experts on television thought this was going to be a close game too.

In the end, even if St.Peter’s could match the Tar Heels on the perimeter, they didn’t have anything for Armando Bacon in the paint.

To me this would be the difference and it was.

Final Four

the Zcode score predictor makes its forecast for the biggest rivalry in college basketball at the Final Four

The 2022 Final Four was played at Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Duke Blue Devils were expected to be in New Orleans all season long.

Until the Tar Heels defeated Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium on March 5, 2022, it wasn’t even a given that UNC would make it into the “Big Dance”.


Spread: North Carolina +4.5 (-115) / Duke -4.5 (-107)

Money Line: North Carolina +160 / Duke -200


The Tar Heels defeated Duke in Mike Krzyzewski’s last game as coach in Durham. If they lost this game, the Blue Devils hated rival will have ended his career because 2022 was Coach K’s last season as Duke head coach.

Duke was favored in this Final Four battle but UNC was favored using Zcode score predictor yet again.

Prediction: 87-81 Tar Heels Victory

Actual Score 81-77 Tar Heels Victory

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