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sports betting odds and free sports picks for Sports Trader

Free pick sports tool & tips with Z Code Systems

Get Free Sports Picks and Betting tips

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Free pick sports tool & tips with Z Code systems Sports Trader. I’ll explain in this article how Z Code systems Sports Trader works. From trends to sports betting odds to how it is fully transparent with verification from a third party company. Get the winning betting tips today. I’m even offering you a Z code system discount.

I’ll also offer free picks, a webinar by Sports Trader’s creator and a free downloadable book, the Sports Investing Bible. This book sells for $18 on Amazon but I’m giving you the PDF for free.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Absolutely not. You can watch the video and/or webinar and see for yourself Z code’s Sports Trader in action, then decide for yourself.

Every single bet ever made can be viewed and studied. Z-code has never lost money placing bets, not in any month going back to 1999.


Do you want to follow a winning sports
betting system but don’t have time to
analyze the stats and probabilities
yourself? Are you tired of losing
by following so-called sports
gurus that have no clue
what they’re doing

We Don’t Gamble

We don’t gamble, WE TRADE SPORTS. When you want to grow your bankroll, there is no room for luck or chance. Only pure math and a statistical winning edge.


ZCode systems Sports Trader will make you a profit or just use the free pick sports tool

Zcode Labs decided to take sports betting to the NEXT LEVEL.
We don’t Gamble and leave something to chance or luck.

It’s not magic

This sports trading system isn’t a scam, it’s not magic either. It isn’t too good to be true. Years of hard work and programming went into developing Z Code system’s Sports Trader.

This is one of the most powerful and accurate sports trading engines on the market today. It has 80+ parameters that attribute to its winning formula. Add to that live access to major sports betting tips, odds, money lines, stats and last minute line moves on any types of bets

Giving Sports Trader the ability to actually go back in time and see what would happen if they applied this system to historical data.

This makes the systems proven and fully backtested on historical data, as well as live money bets on forward testing, leaving no chance to luck.

Pro Systems

ZCode system’s Sports Trader has 200+ different systems with all the sports across the globe. All stats and results are available to you.

College Basketball, College Football picks, NBA picks, NFL picks, MLB picks, NHL picks. Regular season and postseason results. The NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs or Major League Baseball every bet ever made is available for you to see, study and learn from.

From the biggest games to your local baseball teams latest three-game series.

  • We have data on EVERY game and team going back to 1999
  • Know when and where SHARP BETTORS place their money
  • Insider information on specific match-ups
  • Our automated systems win year in year out in the betting markets
  • ZCode Operates 24/7 generating profit day and night
  • Every angle is covered from big parlay wins to live betting sessions every day!
  • 3 Books and tons of educational material on how to become a winner!
  • ZCode systems has been designed to support many of the most popular bet brokers
  • Nitrogen Sports is said to be one of the best Bitcoin sportsbooks and they are completely anonymous
  • ZCode constantly makes improvements like adding convenient trends selection, new design features, updated and optimized performance to an already incredible system as of September 2022
  • Advanced selection mode-set up your customized betting portfolio and let the system work its magic.

Fully transparent results.

You can manually choose the systems that you want to use or enter some information about the sports you’re interested in and ZCode Sports Trader will give you the proper systems customized for you.

Z Code systems tells you what to bet on and how much you should bet, giving you the best options for success within the betting markets.

BET Verify

Bet Verify is a 3rd party that verifies sports betting odds and the outcomes of games, making everything fully transparent in Sports Trader.

If anyone reading this thinks “wow, that sounds good but is it a scam?” This betting system is too good compared to handicappers charging you for their “premium picks” or “expert picks”. What they refer to as “expertise”, it’s flawed.

Bet Verify is a third party that verifies bets for Sports Trader on Z-Code systems and many, many more sports betting sites.

Their name leaves no confusion to what they do. They verify all sports betting odds placed, each and every one of them, all types of bets. You can view any that you want from whenever the bet was placed and if it was a winning or losing bet.

Check the betting odds on all your daily sports picks. Find the best sports bets to trade on using your favorite system.

They give you the exact teams you need to bet, exact bet type and the exact unit size you need to place for success.

Handicappers daily picks

Handicappers with daily picks are trying to sell you flawed “expert” or “premium” picks. These so-called sharp bettors can’t compete with Z Code’s Sports Trader in consistent winning using betting trends.

Handicappers like Atlantic Sports, Huddle up Sports, Hawkeye Sports, Vegas Stream Line, or Mike Wynn can charge up to $50.00 for just one premium pick.

If you purchase a weekly subscription for the privilege to view them handicapping games, it will run you about $125-150.

Purchasing a monthly package from these SHARP BETTORS in their flawed attempts at handicapping games will set you back at least $500.

These “expert” bettors could have a good month and this could be a great investment for sports fans and betting enthusiasts but if not you’re giving them your money, just for the right to lose even more.

ZCode Systems hasn’t had one losing month since 1999. They’ve turned a profit every single month for over 24 years consistently. Not once have they lost money. That’s almost a quarter of a century.

Code system discount

The Z Code system Sports Trader used to cost $490.00 per month. The creators of this awesome betting system have knocked 70% off of this for you.

The ZCode system (official)-special discount only comes to $149.00 per month. I have a $7 three day trial for those that want to test out this betting system before committing. Check out all the betting tips and trends available for all kinds of sports.

This is a great package with the Z code system discount.

ZCode Sports Trader
Buy Now
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Sports Betting Robot

The Sports betting robot for Z Code systems Sports Trader, set your bets or use the free pick sports tool.

Imagine if you had a fully automated Sports Betting Robot that not only calculates all the stats and probabilities but also gives you the EXACT picks you need to place to win? With PRECISE unit sizes. A complete No Brainer.


There are 200+ systems included for you to choose from. Sports that you might not even think of like Rugby, Esports, KHL Hockey, Table Tennis, Tennis, UFC, Volleyball, WNBA, CYBER_Soccer and Horse Racing.

There are systems built for each of these and many more dedicated to soccer, NBA & NCAA basketball, NFL football & college football, NHL hockey, MLB baseball and any other sport or league you can think of.

Honestly, I have no idea what CYBER_SOCCER is but at least one of the 200+ betting systems in ZCode sports trader is dedicated to it.

Favorite sports

ZCode systems Sports Trader has 200+ systems to help you win with betting tips and a free pick sports tool.

ZCode sports trader gives you all your favorite sports. Everything. Get football betting tips, Champions League, NFL picks, baseball picks, basketball picks, NHL picks, or anything that interests you in the world of sports betting.

200+ professional systems from all kinds of sports.

How it works

Ok enough hype, lets get to how it actually runs and what’s in it for you? Here is how it works: Zcode Sports Trader is designed as a full no-brainer app. Nothing to install or configure. Fully automated. Simple as that.

Step 1Download Sports Trader Download Now
Step 2Choose the systems you want to follow. Over 200+ professional systems from all kinds of sports. All stats and results are available for you! Fully transparent results.
Step 3WIN and withdraw your profits! Easy as that!

We don’t gamble. We TRADE SPORTS. When you want to grow your bankroll, there is no room for luck or chance. Only pure math and a statistical winning edge. TAKE A LOOK AT OUR TOP FULLY AUTOMATED SYSTEMS YOU COULD FOLLOW:

Click here to see the full list of 200+ systems

Z-Code Sports Betting Tips

Watch the trader in use. Every aspect from betting tips to sports betting odds.

 It’s no secret that all Advanced technologies we use and the team of over 20 programmers cost us a fortune.  For a small reasonable monthly fee, you can get full access to our winning sports trading bots and follow our winning formula  You help us fund our developments, we give you access to our winning robots… Win+Win situation.  And remember, we have a full guarantee as well, No questions asked, you can cancel any time.

3 day trial

Want to test out Z Code systems Sports Trader? I can give you a 3 day trial for only $7.

$7 Easy Trial. Full 100% Access for 3 days! Great way to try it out Download Full Professional Version. Only $149/m ($490/m, 70% OFF) Best Value, All Sports and 200+ systems are included.

If you’re on the fence try this Zcode system discounted trial today. 

Zcode Sports Trader

Try the Zcode system sports trader's 3 day trial offer

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

You can cancel any time. No problem. Full refund guarantee as well.

Free pick sports tool

You can get sport free picks here by signing up to my e-mail. You will also receive the webinar with Z Code systems Sports Trader’s creator if you sign up. It’s up to you, I’m just giving these items away and if you don’t like them or if it doesn’t convince you, no harm, no foul.

YOU AREN’T OBLIGATED TO BUY ANYTHING. I have different tools, I’ll be giving away a playoff predictor that predicts every sports postseason, free pick sports tools and more.

The predictor is more accurate the closer you get to the playoffs. There are preferences and adjustments that can be made that affect this prediction tool to your preferences too.

We cover all kinds of sports with professionalism, a winning culture and the proof to back up these claims.

Get betting tips and free pick sports tools on a daily basis.

Sign Up for free pick sports tool below.

Sports Investing Bible

This Sports Investing Bible currently sells on Amazon for $18. I’m giving away the PDF for free. This takes you through the same cycle as the free sports picks does.

You will get the webinar and other free tools like the free pick sports tool as I release them in the future. All that is required is your first name and e-mail address. That’s so I have somewhere to send them and I’m interested in how many others are interested in the free giveaways and the system to make them money.


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