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Texas A&M tops SEC recruiting and 2022 college football recruiting nationally

Aggies take lead, SEC recruiting dominates CFB again

The SEC has gotten 48-of-the-top 100 players in the nation and 17-of-the-top 30.

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Jimbo Fisher and the Texas A&M Aggies take the lead as SEC recruiting dominates 2022 college football recruiting like years past. I’m going to explain why the SEC has won almost every national championship since 2006. It’s not a coincidence.

The SEC in 2022 are bringing in 48-of-the-top 100 players in the nation and 17-of-the-top 30.


Jimbo Fisher has broken through during the 2022 college football recruiting process like he did at FSU, over a decade ago.

What it takes to win a CFB championship

I’ve stated what it takes to win a college football national championship many times. It’s really simple. What any team needs to realistically contend for a national Championship.

It roughly takes 3-4 recruiting classes ranked in top 3-5 nationally to realistically contend for a national championship. t This is just a rough understanding. When I say this that means you have to bring in the best talent in America. Nick Saban isn’t a better coach than a lot of his competitors, he just has more talent.


breaking through SEC recruiting

Jimbo Fisher winning a title with FSU, now breaks through in SEC recruiting

Jimbo Fisher took over the Florida State Seminoles head coaching job before the 2010 season. The once prominent school in Tallahassee was a perennial title contender under late head coach Bobby Bowden.

The Noles hadn’t been this for some years when Jimbo took over. They were 7-6 in Bowden’s last season and had been 7-6 three times in his final four season. The program hadn’t won 10 games since 2003. The last season it had won an ACC championship prior to Fisher.

Jimbo Fisher took over a Tallahassee team that was great distances from contending for a CFB national championship. He won 10 games that first season and won the college football national championship game in 2013.

The 2013 Florida State team slayed Goliath by defeating the SEC’s Auburn Tigers in that championship game. The SEC had won the previous seven championships dating back to 2006.

That’s the level of recruiter he is. Jimbo Fisher is up there with the best recruiters in the college game. Making him one of the best coaches. He coaches the kids up and everyone answers him “yes sir” or “no sir”, everyday about anything on the practice field.

Gig ’em Frogs

Fisher took over as the head coach in College Station, Texas before the 2018 season. He has had the 6th ranked recruiting class three years running from 2019-2021.

Jimbo had been in the top 10 nationally every season he coached at Florida State. That includes three top 3 classes and five of the classes ranked in the top 5.

The class he was putting together after the 2017 season was so good that when he left many of the players decommitted and new head coach Willie Taggart didn’t really bring any recruits in himself but the class was still ranked in the top ten nationally.


Jimbo Fisher winning the Orange Bowl after the 2020 season with Texas A&M.

Jimbo Fisher led his Aggies to a 9-1 record in the 2020 Covid season defeating the North Carolina Tar Heels in the Orange Bowl. The only loss came against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Alabama went on to easily win the National Championship and Texas A&M didn’t put up too much resistance either. That Crimson Tide team is one of the most talented teams in recent CFB memory. My point is Jimbo already took the Aggies close and now that he seems to have the recruiting routes in Texas taken care of, people should expect A&M to join the elite teams very soon.

Jimbo beating Nick Saban at Golf

Jimbo Fisher was asked prior to the 2021 season about beating his former boss Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide.

We’re going to beat his ass when he’s there, don’t worry…Eventually, that’s going to be us, i respect everything they do and how they do it, but we can do it just as good or be just as good or better, and we will.

Jimbo Fisher on playing Alabama before the 2021 season

“In Golf”

When Nick Saban was told of Jimbo’s comments, he acted perplexed and asked “IN GOLF”.

No, Nick, NOT IN GOLF.

Recruiting Texas

It shouldn’t be understated that Jimbo Fisher just took over the recruiting pipelines that belonged to Oklahoma and Texas for so long. I don’t know how long they will keep them but I know Jimbo is a top notch recruiter and it will be for more than one season.

The last three seasons A&M had the 6th best recruiting class in the nation. Making them on par with these two programs but it seems that for many kids in that area you’re going to have to convince them why they shouldn’t attend Texas A&M.

2022 recruiting

Jimbo Fisher broke through SEC recruiting barriers with his 2022 college football recruiting signings. Texas A&M is ranked first in 2022. To have the top SEC recruiting class usually means being the best nationally too.

The class coming in to College Station is ranked by 247Sports as the highest college football recruiting class the scouting service has ever had. The other recruiting services don’t have them as the highest ever but they are still the top ranked team and top SEC recruiting class in all the recruiting sites that matter.

“It’s a joke & they’re all clowns”

Jimbo Fisher broke through SEC recruiting barriers in 2022

“The hypocrisy is a joke. It’s an absolute joke and it’s insulting.To our staff, how hard we work, to how we do things and its insulting to Texas A&M”

“You don’t like it, we’re coming on? Get used to it alright. We’re not going anywhere.”

—Jimbo Fisher 2-2-22


The Georgia Bulldogs finally won a championship in 2021, consistently they are at the top of SEC recruiting

Too many fans say things like they’re tired of seeing the SEC teams playing for the championship. Then defeat them. If my teams aren’t in the championship game I want to see the best teams and matchups.

People were upset that the SEC was likely going to play in the final again. Then Michigan or Notr- I mean Cincinnati should have won in the playoffs.


SEC Fans

The 2022 college football recruiting is led once again by the teams dominating SEC recruiting.

Then these whiny people always make the statement of “SEC fans”. Most fans aren’t SEC fans but fans of a team within the SEC. If that team loses in the semifinals, I doubt they want the other SEC team to win the championship.

I’m a Florida State fan, I’m not an ACC fan in general. Just to point out how not biased I am here, I’m also a Tennessee Vols fan. I don’t want Georgia or Alabama winning the championship. Tennessee & Alabama is the original rivalry of the SEC and Georgia is a rival within the same division.

I was glad that they were playing in the championship game because I wanted to see a great game and there hadn’t been one since the last time these two played three years ago.

It would have taken a miracle the last two seasons for the title game to be competitive. The SEC team would’ve had to play as awful as possible and turn the ball over like 6-7 times and the opponent would’ve had to play standing on their heads.



SEC recruiting makes the college football landscape not very fair at times.

There are reasons that the SEC has dominated. Since 1998, six of the 14 SEC schools have won at least one national championship. Tennessee, LSU, Alabama, Auburn Florida, and Georgia have each won a title.

That’s three teams from each division. I’m not going to say that Texas A&M will be the 7th team in the next few years but they will be contending seriously.

This year it might have only been two teams that were better than everyone else but in other years, its other programs. Its not the same program winning like USC or Ohio State in their respective conferences of the Pac-12 or Big10.

in the trenches

What really separates the SEC the most is the play in the trenches on both sides of the ball. It’s also the overall talent.

Come playoff time, many of these schools players never played a team as good as the SEC team that they will play in the playoff. It is the exact opposite for the SEC team. They have at the very least played a team as good as their opponent. THIS MATTERS.

In the 2022 college football recruiting rankings, the SEC signed 17-of-the-top-30 players and 48-out-of-the-top 100.

Almost every year it’s like this. I’ve seen SEC recruiting make up 7-of-the-top 10 teams nationally and 2-3 more in the top 15.

It’s easier to name the perennial non-SEC programs in the top ten, it goes Ohio State and Clemson.

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