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Allen Iverson Iverson playing high school football

For Allen Iverson Football & the NFL were Plan A

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I’m not exaggerating or overstating the facts when I say that for Allen Iverson football and the NFL were plan A back in high school. It was the ONLY PLAN before the bowling alley incident on February 14, 1993. Everything changed after this. Iverson was sentenced to 15 years (no weapons, no serious injuries) but was pardoned by Governor Doug Wilder after serving four months at Newport News City Farm Correctional Facility.

The football and basketball scholarships dried up for “the Answer”. Allen’s mother begged Georgetown Hoyas head coach, John Thompson to give Iverson a scholarship. Thompson took the Hampton, Virginia native into his arms and into the Georgetown program.

If racism hadn’t played a crucial role to crucify Iverson, we might be talking about how hall-of-fame NFL free safety Allen Iverson was quite the basketball player. No really he could’ve been in the NBA. I wonder how many people would have called me an idiot, stating that he would’ve been too small to be an NBA superstar.

Anyway here we go, Allen Iverson football star.

Allen Iverson High School Football Phenom

I’ve seen Allen Iverson football games from his days at Bethel High School in Hampton, Virginia many times. The first time I saw “Bubba Chuck” playing football was a video of him winning the Division 5 AAA Virginia State Championship from December 13, 1992.

Iverson’s Bethel Bruins defeated E.C Glass 27-0 in this one sided event. Iverson had the two biggest plays of the game, a 60-yard punt return to make the score 14-0 and an interception in the end zone on Glass’s only scoring threat of the game in the beginning of the 2nd half.

He had 201 passing yards and 2 interceptions in the Virginia State tile game. HE INTERCEPTED THE OPPONENT TWICE, he didn’t throw two interceptions. E.C Glass didn’t have any passing yards in this game. NONE.


Allen Iverson playing high school football.

Iverson led the Bethel Bruins to state championships in both basketball and football.

He was names the Associated Press High School Player-of-the-Year in both Sports.


Allen Iverson was a quarterback, free safety and a punt returner on the football field. Many articles that you find will talk about Iverson the quarterback but it was as a free safety that “the Answer” would’ve been a first round NFL draft pick. Especially back then with his size.

Iverson wasn’t a good NBA defender but led the league in steals three times. This is because of his awareness from playing football. A ball hawk that played the passing lanes with brilliance.

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Chuck Amato

“”We were on him hard”,”He was just a great athlete and a competitor. He would’ve been the first Michael Vick”

Chuck Amato
Florida State Assistant Coach

Chuck Amato was Bobby Bowden’s Tom Hagan. He was at Florida State for 18 seasons, 14 as assistant head coach.

Bobby Bowden called Iverson “the one that got away”, the best high school athlete he ever saw. This is the man that brought Randy Moss, Deion Sanders, and Peter Warrick to Tallahassee.

Michael Vick

Michael Vick grew up a short distance from Allen Iverson. A few years younger, when asked who he looked up to as a kid at quarterback, Vick would say Allen Iverson.

Michael Vick on Allen Iverson playing football

“I view him as a legend “

Michael Vick
on Allen Iverson playing Quarterback
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