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Why Tamorrion Terry is the steal of the 2021 NFL Draft

Tamorrion Terry could be the next Terrell Owens

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Tamorrion Terry just ran his 40 time and could be the steal of the 2021 NFL Draft. He could wind up being the next Terrell Owens.

FSU Wide receiver, Tamorrion Terry just ran his 40-yard dash during the annual Florida State pro day in Tallahassee.

The big play receiver ran many drills including the 40-yard dash for the NFL scouts. Terry came back for the 2020 season after deciding to not enter the 2020 NFL Draft, hoping to raise his draft stock. He didn’t go to the NFL combine, so FSU’s pro day is where the NFL will get his semi-official numbers.

Tamorrion Terry 40 time

On March 22, 2021, Tamorrion Terry ran a 4.44 40-yard dash at FSU’s pro day. All of the other testing measurables for Terry were good as well. The big play receiver stands at 6’4, 210 pounds.

Tamorrion Terry 40-yard dash time, in my opinion is slower than his actual football speed. He gets open and then runs away like Forrest Gump.

The only reason Terry is a projected fourth round pick in the upcoming NFL Draft is because he had problems with the new coaching staff in Tallahassee.

Some projected him as a first or second round pick in 2021, if he had shown development in his route tree and his breaks.

A Red Flag

You may be thinking “disputes with coaching staff”? “This sounds like a player who has issues, that’s a red flag, right”?

Just know, Tamorrion Terry is just one of 16 Florida State football players to leave Tallahassee for similar reasons since Mike Norvell and his staff took over the program in 2019.

Staff hiding Covid?

In August, USA Today reported Seminoles receiver D.J Matthews tweeted out that he had tested positive for Covid-19. The tweet was very quickly deleted.

The next morning, Matthews tweeted “All the Lies smh”. Another Florida State receiver, Warren Thompson posted a note accusing FSU of misleading players about “conditions of other players health as well as mine.” Tamorrion tweeted his support of the issue.

In the same USA Today article, writer Dan Wolken states, “those tweets were all sent while the Seminoles were in the middle of practice Thursday, suggesting they weren’t present. And because Florida State has decided to build a false pretense around medical privacy laws to avoid acknowledging whether they have a coronavirus outbreak in their locker room, we are left to put two and two together and assume the worst”. 

Terry then tweeted “I want too (sic) play football September 12 but I also want to keep my family safe I have a 7 month kid at home….”

Fact or Fiction?

The consensus was that FSU football most likely was hiding Covid-19 results, or not being completely truthful. On September 19, head coach Mike Norvell tested positive for the virus.

The Noles would cancel their rivalry game against the Clemson Tigers in Tallahassee on November 21. This was due to circulating rumors of a Covid outbreak within a Clemson practice.

In my opinion it was a public relations statement that said “Hey Florida State cares about Covid-19 and is taking it very seriously, never believe anything else”. This P.R move was either orchestrated by the football program or the heads of the University itself.

Tamorrion would have been a higher draft pick after his red-shirt Sophomore season. He wanted to come back and work on his weaknesses and increase his draft stock but felt uncomfortable with the Noles coaching staff and felt the truth was being tampered with or suppressed.

He didn’t feel safe trusting the new coaching staff and believed that he and his family could be placed at risk by lies bordering on malfeasance. Combined with minor knee surgery in October and the Noles receiver decided to opt out of the 2021 season.

Some NFL teams aren’t sure if he is trouble because he’d decided to opt out after the season started. If he would have did this before the first game, nobody would have batted an eye at the whole thing.

The truth is he wanted to show the NFL scouts that what they questioned about his game wasn’t an issue or a weakness. Some of the Florida State staff put him in a precarious position and with a 7 month old child, he just decided to play it safe for himself and his family.

Next Terrell Owens?

FSU's Tamorrion Terry gets ready for the NFL draft

The first time I saw Terry play, I saw one thing, a wide receiver who reminded me of a young Terrell Owens. Further evaluation confirmed my first evaluation of his game.

Both wide receivers are from Alabama. Terry from Muscle Shoals and Owens, Alexander City.

This is just a coincidence. What Terry exhibits on the field in comparison to Terrell Owens is possibly greatness repeating itself. Tamorrion Terry’s 40 time and acceleration at his size speaks volumes about his talent level.

Tamorrion was a star player at Turner County High School in Ashburn, Georgia.

Evaluating Talent

Evaluating talent isn’t something you just know how to do. Maybe, possibly, it can be taught. I learned from watching and studying players and their progression from high school, through college to the National Football League.

I wasn’t trying to pick up this skill, it just happened from studying football & basketball history via replaying of game film.

Terry’s player profile is rather easy to breakdown from a talent prospective, which makes it much simpler to diagnose.

If I was an NFL scout or GM, I’d only be concerned with where his head was at. I’d talk to him and ask him some questions pertaining to his mental state and what his goals are in life.

I’d then either take him much higher than his draft profile suggests or not. I would be hoping that he gave me a reason to draft him though.

I don’t know why Terry is towards the bottom of the WR prospects. The experts should put the game film on and watch it.


It’s better to have an epiphany in regards to Terry’s skillset, you don’t want to kick yourself later for not drafting him.

I see why the people who know how to evaluate talent are so successful, many people employed by the profession aren’t really qualified for the job.

This makes those that know what they’re doing all the more successful. If evaluating talent if done properly and especially if you have access to the actual talent for psychological Q & A, it’s not a crap shoot. It’s not hard. You will make the right decisions most of the time.

The Tape

For those of you who are questioning my comparison to T.O just watch this video of his highlights.

Terry is Terrell Owens like. He also has some Randy Moss in him, the way he accelerates and separates. Watch the tape and tell me you don’t see it?

Tamorrion Terry’s 40 time is proof he is going to be the steal of the 2021 NFL Draft because he is faster than that straight line speed with how he doesn’t lose speed changing direction.

When most people are running and change direction or make a cut they slow down to do this. Not purposely, it’s just what happens and like a car, when you slow down, you then must re-accelerate.

There are a some that are gifted with the ability to change direction and do it at full speed. The end result, gives the illusion to the people watching that this person is faster than everyone else. He is open by 10 yards all the time.

When really what happened is he didn’t have to slow down and re-accelerate.

What Terry does well

He has a rare combination of size and big play ability on the football field. He gets loose easily on nine routes, double moves and posts. The FSU wideout generates vertical push with his acceleration on route stems, this leads to cushion and opens up comebacks and the ability to setup vertical breaks.

Terry isn’t just 6’4 but has a massive wingspan too. He’s shown he can make catches in traffic and has after-the-catch skills because of his patience, vision, footwork, acceleration, elusiveness, and speed.

Tamorrion Terry stats

Tamorrion Terry's 2019 stats , he prepares for the NFL draft

In 2019, Terry scored 9 touchdowns. He averaged 58.9 yards-per-touchdown reception. This is the most of any NCAA player over the last 15 years.

I wasn’t kidding when I said he gets separation.

FSU has been struggling on the gridiron but it’s OK if the Noles quarterback isn’t good or that the offensive line’s specialty isn’t blocking, Whoever is at quarterback just has to get the ball into Tamorrion Terry’s hands, they’re usually located 10-15 yards from the nearest defender.

All of the Seminoles opponents knew he was going to get the ball, and he still averaged 58.9 yards-per-TD. Nobody could catch him.

He made teams like the Miami Hurricanes and Clemson Tigers look like they’re playing with middle-school kids on defense.

Tamorrion Terry didn’t need a great 40 time to know that he’s a freak athlete. He was regularly running away from secondaries in Tallahassee.

That 58.9 average per TD wasn’t a fluke either. Even when he didn’t score he was seperating from defenders after the catch.

He averaged 19.8 yards-per-catch overall in 2019. The best in the ACC and good for fourth in the NCAA.

As a freshman, he had 35 receptions for 744 yards and 8 Touchdowns, with a 21.3 average. As a sophomore he took his game to a different level with 60 catches for 1,188 receiving yards and 9 TDs.

Tamorrion Terry finished his career at Florida State with 118 catches, 2,221 receiving yards, and 18 touchdowns in just over 2 seasons.

Top 10 FSU WR

Tamorrion Terry's athleticism at FSU, prepares him for the NFL draft

I made a list of the top FSU wide receivers of all-time and I included Terry on the list. This is a prestigious list.

After all, the top collegiate WR each season earns the Biletnikoff award, an award named after the third best Florida State wide-out in school history.

A couple of fans disagreed about Terry being on the list. I just explained I included him because he was ranked top 10 in all-time receiving yards at Florida State. He had over 2,000 yards in basically two seasons.


Terrell Owens playing for the Philadelphia Eagles

Terrell Owens was a third round pick in the 1996 NFL Draft. Terry is projected as a fourth round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Owens didn’t start to make an impact with the 49ers until 1998, his third season in the NFL.

Some people might say he couldn’t crack the starting lineup because Jerry Rice was on the team. Rice has nothing to do with it. Owens wasn’t good enough to take J.J Stokes spot in the starting lineup his first two seasons.

By 2000, T.O was one of the best receivers in the NFL. In 2002, the question became who is the best WR in the NFL?

Is it Randy Moss or Terrell Owens? When Moss went to Oakland, Owens was dubbed the best at the time and he backed it up in San Francisco and helped the Philadelphia Eagles reach a Super Bowl in 2004.

Just like Terry, Owens had to work on his hands and his route running. He was a raw talent similar to Tamorrion.

Owens also worked on his body until he was unmatched at Wide receiver in the strength department. In T.O’s prime he had linebackers bouncing off of him and then he’d outrun the secondary.

Terrell Owens wanted to be great and he worked at it. He became one of the best wide receivers to ever play in the NFL. Owens let you know how great he was and before that put in the work, so one day he would be able to tell you as much.

I don’t know where Terry’s head is at. Is his goal to be great? If so, he has a physical skillset that can’t be taught. Tamorrion Terry shows speed with his 40 time.

What really could separate him from other NFL receivers isn’t just his size, it’s his acceleration with his height and wingspan. Many NFL WR’s are 6’4, but most don’t have the acceleration that leads to the kind of separation that Terry gets from defenders.


If you’re thinking “he won’t get that separation in the NFL”. Another 6’4 receiver named Randy Moss could also accelerate leaving defenders in the dust.

It didn’t matter to Moss, if he was doing it at a mid-major like Marshall or for the Minnesota Vikings. It resulted in the same outcome. Moss running alone into the end zone.

Not slowing down

Steve Largent could cut and change direction like Tamorrion Terry

What really could separate him from other NFL receivers isn’t just his size, it’s his acceleration with his height and wingspan. Many NFL WR’s are 6’4, but most don’t have the acceleration that leads to the kind of separation that Terry gets from defenders.

Terry has very good athletic ability and size but it’s how he cuts and changes direction that makes him special. Steve Largent did this for years. Not many players in any sport are blessed with this skill. Luka Doncic displays it in the NBA, it’s why he seems to not be fast or athletic but is beating the best defenders on a nightly basis.

The ability to accelerate and change direction without slowing down is a very rare talent at Tamorrion Terry’s size. It’s the stuff of legends.

A sports Illustrated article from 1986 explains Steve Largent and this same talent.

What separates Largent from other receivers are his quick feet and strong ankles. He is able to change direction quickly when he’s running patterns, and he executes those changes at top speed.

Tamorrion Terry also executes those changes at top speed with size and strength.

Anything Terry lacks can be learned or gained, like adding another 20 pounds of muscle and running more precise routes.

Some talent evaluators question his awareness on 50/50 balls. I see him attacking the ball at its peak almost always. He got so wide open at times in college that he didn’t have many 50/50 balls to contend with, maybe that’s the problem and should be a declaration instead. There just isn’t much tape of it.

Does Terry want to be great?

This is the only question for me concerning Terry’s future in the NFL, does he want to be great? Meaning is he willing to put in the work to become great.

If he puts in the work, health willing, he will be a great NFL wide receiver. When I pose the question about does he want to be great, It has nothing to do with him personally. You got to put in work to be great.

Tamorrion Terry focuses on a tough catch for the Seminoles

Many athletes get paid and being great isn’t a priority after they become comfortable.

For example, tomorrow, if you win five million dollars playing the lottery, you would be comfortable and some of you would quit your jobs. Remember being a professional athlete is still a job.

The athletes who want to be legends, this is built into their moral fabric as people and as competitors.

Everything is a competition to them. I don’t know Tamorrion Terry’s psychological make-up. I only know about what his skillset is on the football field.

If he decides he is going to be a legendary NFL receiver, barring injury, that’s what he’ll become. If he remains a third or fourth round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, many teams will kick themselves when he’s a superstar.

I’d like to see my Philadelphia Eagles select him in the second round. He should still be available, unless someone else involved in the drafting process realizes what I have recognized. It’s really hard to miss if you know what you’re looking at.

It’s so hard to miss that you don’t even have to be looking for it to stumble across it. Will anyone actually diagnose it though who is in a position of power?

Not at all?

Tamorrion Terry didn’t get selected in the NFL Draft. He was signed by the Seattle Seahawks almost immediately after the NFL Draft ended.

Will his NFL career begin in Seattle or elsewhere? If you’ve never watched any videos by Top Billin on YouTube and are in search of a football clinic, check him out.

I’m updating my original article and was just looking for an image of Terry with something Seahawks, but this video is much better.

My man here shares the same sentiments on Tamorrion Terry as I do. It’s real obvious. Some of y’all don’t know yet but you will soon.


It looks now that Tamorrion Terry’s 40 time is irrelevant, the Seattle Seahawks wide receiver was indicted along with 10 others in a murder case stemming from 3 years back in 2018.

This doesn’t make much sense to me. I’ve been around murderers and have talked to many men who committed brutal atrocities.

I’ve never heard of 11 men attempting to kill one women. The Seahawks weren’t brave enough to stick by him, as they immediately cut the former Florida State star.

It doesn’t look like the man known as “Scary Terry” while at FSU, who went undrafted in the 2021 NFL Draft will ever get a chance to show he can play football at a pro bowl level.

Undoubedly, he isn’t going to be running any routes for a team in an NFL pass game but will he be free? Is he innocent or is he guilty? Was he in the wrong place at the wrong time? Only time will tell.

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