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March Madness best all-time team voting bracket

Vote Now in this 64 team bracket to crown the greatest NCAA basketball team of all-time

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Welcome all basketball fans. I hope everyone enjoys the NCAA March Madness best all-time team voting bracket. Place your votes in each round and see if your picks are of the majority.

The Bracket

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Let the Madness Begin

I hope that if any fans weren’t informed about any teams in the bracket that they researched a little information. It’s your vote to cast and cast it as you like but there are some teams here and are just legendary and I’m confident that the college basketball fans will gather information, rather than dismiss team they’re unfamiliar with.

Make the Brackets Fun

The March Madness all-time bracket involves Michael Jordan's Tar Heels

I haven’t really seen March Madness style brackets from other sites. It’s not easy finding brackets to implement on a site either. The few there are are more expensive than they should be to use.

Maybe that’s why more aren’t around. I felt the fans would love to vote round-by-round in an NCAA tournament format, so I felt obligated to bring it to each of the fans.

I’m hoping everyone enjoys it. I wanted to bring some excitement with this bracket, hopefully I accomplish my goal.

The Madness is back, Enjoy & Stay Safe

I’m excited for March Madness and I’m sure you are too. Good luck to your team in the tournament, unless that team is playing North Carolina or Georgetown.

If your team is facing either of those teams, I hope your team loses miserably. Enjoy this March Madness all-time bracket and stay safe and healthy. Enjoy.

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