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Greatest Carolina Tar Heels Team Bracket

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This is a 16 team bracket of the North Carolina Tar Heels greatest basketball teams of all-time.

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Vote in the first round and I hope everyone enjoys it. For your votes to count, you must give your name and e-mail address. That’s the only way that they get counted. This isn’t my choice.

I’m using woobox. It isn’t easy to find a bracket style voting company. I have paid for it, so it is totally free for all the fans to vote. Have fun with this Tar Heels greatest teams bracket.

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Some Notes

Some notes for the bracket is that I only used one nucleus of a team. An example is the Tar Heels went to the Final Four from 1967-69. I have the 1968 team of Charlie Scott and Larry Miller to represent them.

Another similar example is the 2009 championship team. If I wanted to repeat things I could have had 2007 & 2008 too. We’ll be going with just the 3009 team to represent them.

32 Teams

I was going to try a 32 team bracket but I got a feeling of being to thin, when making the list. This caused me to have to leave out some teams I wanted on this list, as I shrunk the field to 16 teams.

I feel in the end I captured the best 16 teams in North Carolina’s history. I hope everyone enjoys the Tar Heels greatest teams tournament. Stay safe and let’s go Heels

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