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NBA Greatest team of all-time Voting Bracket

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32 Team interactive Tournament

Sign-in or subscribe to PeaceDot Sports with your e-mail to participate in this 32-team NBA greatest team of all-time voting bracket.


Each round lasts a few days. Place your vote now for the 1st round.

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Who ya got?

You won’t see every champion on this NBA greatest teams ever bracket. I chose one season for the nucleus of each squad.

An example is the 1992 Bulls and the 1996 Bulls represent Chicago during their six-year run. It isn’t saying that 1991 and 1998 aren’t part of the NBA’s greatest teams ever. They’re just represented once with each teams nucleus.


Some other examples are the 2017 Golden State Warriors and the 2001 Lakers. They represent the nucleus of those championship teams.

I thought of adding 64 teams but since this is my first venture into an interactive bracket, I decided to stick with 32 teams.

I hope you enjoy the bracket and voting for the NBA’s best team.

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