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FSU best WR's of all-time

Top 12 FSU Wide Receivers Of All-Time

The top 12 Noles WR of All-Time

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Kelvin Benjamin (2012-13)

Kelvin Benjamin making the 2013 championship winning touchdown catch 

Kelvin Benjamin is best known in Tallahassee as the 6’5 WR that secured the National Championship winning catch from Jameis Winston in the 2014 Rose Bowl

A key factor in the 2013 National Champions record setting offense. He had 54 catches for 1,011 yards and 15 TDs that season.

Drafted only after two seasons at FSU by the Carolina Panthers in 2014 with the 28th pick of the 1st round.

No doubt, if he stayed in Tallahassee another season, Benjamin would be ranked higher on this list.

  Javon Walker (2000-01)

Florida State wide receiver Javon Walker

Javon Walker spent 2 seasons in Garnet & Gold. Walker had 944 yards receiving & 7 TDs in 2001. 

He showed enough talent in his playing time in college football to get drafted 20th overall in the 2002 NFL Draft.

  Anquan Boldin (1999-2002)

FSU wide receiver Anquan Boldin


Anquan Boldin came to Tallahassee as a QB. He was moved to WR and was a member of the 1999 title team.

Boldin missed all of 2001 with injury. In 2002, he had 65 receptions for 1,011 yards and 13 TDs.

In 2002, the Noles didn’t have the talent that the program had the previous 15 years but still made it to the Sugar Bowl as an underdog to face-off with the 12-1 Georgia Bulldogs, who were ranked 4th in the country.

In his final game Boldin caught a touchdown and wound up playing quarterback in the 2nd half. Throwing a TD pass in the Seminoles defeat.

Boldin went on to have a HOF caliber career. Getting drafted by the Arizona Cardinals and then playing for the Baltimore Ravens.

Quan was a Walter Payton man-of-the-year award winner and a super bowl champion.

The 3-time pro bowler finished 9th all-time in the NFL record books for receptions.


  Tamorrion Terry (2018-2020)

Tamorrion Terry running away from the defense

Tamorrion Terry’s Florida State career has ended prematurely.  Terry could have been one of the all-time best Florida State wide receivers ever.

He still finished with 2,221 receiving yards, 10th all-time in school history.

Terry caught 60 balls for 1,188 yards and 9 TDs in 2019.

  •   Snoop Minnis (1997-2000)

  • one of the best Florida State wide receivers, Snoop Minnis


Snoop Minnis was a consensus All-American in 2000. The best of the Florida State wide receivers to start the new millennium, Snoop stepped up in the pass game when Peter Warrick’s career ended in Tallahassee after the 1999 National Championship win.

Minnis finished his career with 2,098 yards receiving.

  Barry Smith (1970-72)

The best Florida State wide receiver of the 1970's, Barry Smith

Barry Smith averaged 20.1 yards-per-reception during his career. This is the highest Yards-per-reception on this list. or by any Seminoles WR with over 400 yards receiving for his career.

Smith caught 119 balls for 2,392 yards and 25 TDs in his 3 seasons at Florida State. In 1972 he pulled in 69 receptions for 1,243 and 13 TDs

  Kez McCorvey (1991-94)

One of the best FSU wide receivers from the 1990's, Kez McCorvey


The first FSU championship came in 1993. The top receiver on that team was Kez McCorvey. He was one of the best FSU wide receivers in the 1990’s.

Kez left Tallahassee with 189 receptions for 2,660 yards and 16 TDs.

In the 1993 championship season he caught 74 passes for 966 yards and 6 TDs

  E.G Green (1993-96)

Florida State wide receiver E.G Green

E.G Green had two 1,000 yard seasons for the Noles in 1995 & 1997.

He led the ACC in yards in 1995 and touchdowns in 1996. Even though he led the conference in TDs in ’96, it was only his third highest career total.

When his career ended, Green’s resume read 166 catches for 2,920 yards and 29 TDs

  Fred Biletnikoff (1962-64)

the first great Florida State wide receiver, Fred Belitnikoff

Before Fred Biletnikoff was the spokes boy for stickum or an NFL HOFer, he was the first great Florida State football player.

In 1964, Biletnikoff was a consensus All-American. He caught 70 balls for 1,179 yards and 15 TDs.

Biletnikoff wasn’t just the best FSU wide receiver when he played, he was the best WR in the entire nation.

Biletnikoff was #1 in receiving touchdowns (15) and receiving yards (1,179) and 2nd in receptions (70) in the NCAA in 1964.

  Rashad Greene (2011-14)

Florida State wide receiver Rashad Greene

Rashad Greene caught many passes, on many drives, for four seasons. One drive stands out above all others for one of the best Florida State wide receivers of all-time.

That’s the 49-yard catch that set up the championship winning touchdown from Winston to Benjamin. In that title game, Greene went 9-147.

Greene left the Noles as the all-time team leader in catches and receiving yards. The yards are also 1st all-time in the ACC.

His career stats stand at 270 receptions for 3,830 yards and 29 TDs. Greene is the best FSU receiver based on statistics alone.

 Greene’s finest season was in 2014. He led the ACC in receptions and yards. He had 99 catches for 1,365 yards and 7 TDs

  Ron Sellers (1966-68)

Florida State wide receiver Ron Sellers

Ron Sellers was a 1967 Consensus All-American. He led the NCAA in receiving yards twice (67-68) and receptions in 1968.

He had 211 catches for 3,598 yards and 23 TDs.

1966: 55-874-3 TD
1967: 70-1,228-8 TD
1968: 86-1,486-12 TD

  Peter Warrick (1995-99)

The best Florida State wide receiver Peter Warrick, makes a circus catch in the BCS title game

Peter Warrick was a two-time Consensus All-American for the Noles (98-99). After not showing out in the 1999 BCS championship game, Warrick came back to school. He would have been a very high draft pick if he turned pro but he wasn’t leaving school like that.

Warrick is one of the best Florida State wide receivers ever, personally I think he was the best.

In the 2000 BCS title game, Warrick did what he had been doing since 1995. He had 6 grabs for 163 yards and 2 TDs, plus a punt return for a touchdown. #9 was the key factor in winning the Seminoles 2nd National Championship on school history.

He’s the all-time FSU leader in touchdowns with 32 and led the country in TDs in 1998. Warrick also had 207 receptions leading to 3,517 yards.






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