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North Carolina Tar Heels basketball

Showdown:The Final-Best UNC teams without title

Carolina fans vote now in this head-to-head Final

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Thank You Readers

I’d like to start out by thanking all the Carolina and ba sketball fans who enjoyed, liked, shared, and voted in this 6 team tournament of the best UNC teams that didn’t win a title.

I hope you enjoyed it so far and continue by voting here for a winner.

Final 4 results

In the last round the 1977 Tar Heels easily defeated Bob McAdoo and his 1972 team.

Phil Ford 1977

In the second Semi-Final the 2nd seeded 1998 team squeaked by the 1984 squad in a tight one.

The Final

1977 vs. 1998

1 seed 2 seed

If anyone wants in depth analysis of these teams click here

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