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Showdown: Best Carolina teams that didn’t win it all.

head to head. Vote now in these 1st rd. match-ups

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What’s Happening

I picked out six Carolina teams that never won a title and I am going to set up a head-to-head seeded tournament.

Some teams are not included that may make you say “Who the hell made this list”. I decided to not include teams who nucleus would end up winning a title before leaving Chapel Hill (e.g., 1981,2008,2016).

I pondered increasing tourney to include bubble teams but in the end 2012 and 1987 just missed out.

In these match-ups I’d appreciate your vote. Who do you think would win. Some players became much more after their time at Chapel Hill, try to base your vote on the actual team from that season, if you can.

All teams here are Dean Smith teams. Dean Smith teams relied on individual skill but more on team chemistry and sharing the ball.

Top 2 Seeds get byes

I’m just going to mention the top 2 seeds now so you know who they are.

The 1977 squad is the #1 Seed and the 1998 team is the 2 seed. I am not getting into anything else here.

When it’s GameDay and they have an opponent then we can talk about these two Carolina greats.


3 Seed

The Tar Heels dynasty under Dean Smith started with three straight Final Four appearances from 1967-1969.

In 1968 they reached the Final losing to UCLA.

This team was led by Larry Miller and Charlie Scott.

Miller was the 1968 ACC player of the year, an award that he won the previous season as well. He was named a 1st team All-American in 1968 as well as All-ACC.

Charlie Scott in his first season for the Heels joined Miller as an All-Acc 1st team selection in 1968. Scott would receive the same honor all three years he was playing at Chapel Hill.

Bill Bunting would join Charlie Scott in the 1969 season as an All-ACC first team selection.

28-4 (12-2, 1st ACC
Lost NCAA Final



Larry Miller SR. F 22.4PPG-8.4REB
Charlie Scott Soph. G 17.6PPG-6.0REB
Rusty Clark JR. C 15.8PPG-11.REB
Dick Grubar JR. G 8.1PPG-3.0REB
Bill Bunting JR. F 7.9PPG-6.0REB


6 Seed


B. McAdoo JR. 19.5PPG-10.1REB
D.Wuycik SR. 18.0PPG-5.7REB
G.Karl JR. 11.7PPG-4.3APG
B.Chamberlain SR. 10.9-5.6REB
B.Jones So. 10.2PPG-6.3REB

9-3 (1st ACC)

Lost in National Semi-Final

McAdoo in ’72

Dean Smith didn’t accept transfer students, that is until Bob Mcadoo. I consider McAdoo to be the first stretch big. Picture Dirk Nowitzki with broader shoulders that averaged about 15 boards to go along with his 30 plus points per game in the NBA.

He was only a Tar Heel this one season, garnering first team All-conference and All-american honors.

Dennis Wuycik joined McAdoo on the All-ACC 1st team in 1972. His second straight 1st team selection.

George Karl was selected as a 2nd team All-Conference along with forward Bill Chamberlain.

Sophomore Bobby Jones is one of the best defensive players of all-time. Jones a Hall-of-Famer, was drafted 5th in the 1974 Draft but chose The ABA. As a pro Jones was a champion,an 11x All-defensive selection, 5x All-Star, and the first NBA 6th man award winner.

The 1972 ACC Champions lost by 4 in the Final 4.


4 Seed

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M.Jordan JR. 19.6PPG-5.3REB
S.Perkins SR. 17.6PPG-9.6REB
B.Daugherty SO. 10.5-5.6
K.Smith FR. 9.1PPG-5.0APG
M.Doherty SR 9.8-4.0-4.0
S. Hale SO 5.2PPG-3.6APG

14-0, 1st ACC



Block Title

The 1984 Tar Heels were one of the more talented teams in UNC history.

Carolina was the pre-season #1 and remained #1 most of the season. They entered The NCAA Tournament as the top team in the nation.

Carolina was upset in their 2nd game of The 1984 NCAA Tournament by The Indiana Hoosiers.

Prehaps no team from Chapel Hill ever underachieved more than this talented bunch.

The 1984 team had 3 starters who were also starters on the 1982 National Championship team in Michael Jordan, Sam Perkins and Matt Doherty.

Brad Daugherty would be the 1986 NBA Draft’s 1st overall selection and Kenny Smith was a 3x All-Acc and consensus 1st team All-American in 1987. Later that year he would be drafted 6th overall by Sacramento.

Jordan and Perkins were both 1st team All-Americans in 1984, living up to pre-season predictions and hype.

Michael won pretty much every player of the year award that there was to be won.


5 Seed



J.Stackhouse SO. 19.2PPG-8.2REB
R.Wallace SO. 16.6PPG-8.2REB
D.Williams SR. 15.5-2.9-2.4
Jeff McInnis SO. 12.4-4.1-5.3
D.Calabria JR. 10.5-4.8-2.7


12-4, 2nd ACC


Rasheed Wallace and Jerry Stackhouse were the catalysts that drove the talented North Carolina program in 1995. Both players were named 1st team All-ACC. Stackhouse also garnered 1st Team All-American honors as Sheed was named to the 2nd team.

Dante Calabria and Donald Williams were both part of the 1993 National Championship team. Williams was the 1993 Final Four MOP.

Jeff McInnis was an NBA caliber point guard playing over a decade in the league.

The Carolina boys made it all the way to The Final Four before falling victim to defending National Champion Arkansas Razorbacks.

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