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Charles Barkley vs Draymond Green: The Rant & Truth

Charles Barkley vs. Draymond Green
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Let’s break down Draymond Green’s Charles Barkley insult laden rant. Charles Barkley vs Draymond Green. Is it fact or is it fiction? If it is false, does Draymond realize it?

Green’s Tweet about Barkley


I’m not taking sides here, only pointing out the flaws in Draymond’s rant. I’m not a Barkley lover or a Draymond hater, but his words were spoken with ignorant arrogance.

People in the public eye have a responsibility before opening their big mouths to know what they’re talking about before they speak. At least they should exhibit some sort of ethical behavior. You’re embarrassing yourself Draymond, ASSUMING what you THINK the FACTS are.

I never talk about things I know nothing about because in the end it makes you look foolish. Charles Barkley is on a cable television show. He is an analyst on TNT’s Inside The NBA, Draymond Green is a knucklehead. What does this knucklehead do, he proves that Barkley’s opinions about him are factual. Spot-on. Charles Barkley speaking the truth.

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02/18/2024 06:13 am GMT

Charles Barkley facts

I assume Draymond Green is ignorant to the truth of Charles Barkley facts and not just ignoring them. You’re a famous person talking poorly with no factual basis about a colleague that paved the road for you. At least get your facts straight.

People without the facts tend to assume what they are being told is the truth regardless of the source or the reliability of its integrity. It’s just baseless ramblings of a man lacking in and ignoring the truth.

Charles Barkley vs Shawn Kemp

If Draymond Green started watching the NBA as a child he probably witnesses a Charles Barkley who’s athleticism had deteriorated to the point he probably should have retired before he did.

That wasn’t the real “Sir Charles”. Charles Barkley was a problem for defenses in the post and troublesome on the glass at both ends of the court.

By 1993, “the round mound of rebound” wasn’t the same young superstar that entered the NBA from Leeds, Alabama.

you could add a patience in passing out of double teams that could rival the best post players in any era. Charles Barkley is a Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall-of-Famer of the highest order.

A first ballot hall-of-fame inductee, who is top 3-5 at his position all-time.

Charles Barkley vs. Draymond Green

The “round mound of rebound” was traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Suns on July 17, 1992. He was named the 1993 NBA MVP and led Phoenix to the NBA Finals that same season.

Barkley did this as the primary option for the Phoenix Suns. Phoenix traded for him to take them to a championship and it took a monster effort from a guy who didn’t like to lose to deny the Phoenix Suns that championship.

Chuck didn’t win a title but he damn near did. Draymond Green needs to go and watch The 1993 Finals and if he doesn’t detract his statement he sure as hell will realize how foolish his words were.

Charles Barkley Stats

Charles Barkley vs Draymond Green doesn't exixt.Draymond Green isn't close to the player Barkley was

Charles Barkley had to lead his team to a game 7 victory over Seattle just to have the opportunity to face Michael Jordan and the back-to-back NBA champion Chicago Bulls. In the game 7 victory over the Sonics, Charles Barkley scored 44 points and hauled in 24 rebounds.

In a game 2 loss to Chicago, Jordan and Barkley each scored 42 points. The Suns went on the road and won game 3 despite Michael Jordan scoring 44 points for The Bulls.

Barkley’s 24-19-4 were enough for a Suns win. In games 4 and 5, Jordan scored 55 and 41 points respectively.

The 1993 NBA finals ended with a nail biter in game 6. Chicago’s victory came as Michael passed out of the coming double team to John Paxson, who hit the championship winning shot.

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NBA Finals Stats

Charles Barkley’s NBA Finals stat lines were epic, his clutch performances and his poise on the court was legendary. He averaged 27.3 points-per-game, 13.0 rebounds, 5.5 assists, and 1.2 spg in his only Finals appearance.

Michael Jordan averaged 41.0 ppg in the 1993 NBA Finals. His 41.0 points-per-game is the highest average any player has ever had in any Finals series.

Charles Barkley was a problem for The Bulls. He came the closest any opponent ever came in taking a title away from Michael. It took the greatest Finals scoring average from Jordan to not let this happen.

Draymond Green thinks he is on Charles Barkley’s level. This is just laughable. There is no Charles Barkley vs Draymond Green rivalry, not in terms of skills on the court as a basketball player go.

It’s as pragmatic as Bugs Bunny vs. Michael Jordan. Barkley says Justin Timberlake wants those panties back, Draymond. Comparing Green to the least famous member of a boy band

If Michael Jordan never existed, a lot of 1990’s NBA stars who never won a championship, would have rings on their fingers today.

“You know what he is? He’s like the guy in the boy band who’s the least important member,” Barkley said of Green. “He thinks the crowd is cheering for him. He doesn’t realize he’s standing next to Justin Timberlake. He’s the least famous person in the boy band, and he thinks he’s a star. And he’s not.”

Charles Barkley on Draymong Green, in reference to the G.S Warriors

He never won shit

Draymond Green does have three championship rings to Barkley’s zero. The Three rings Draymond amassed, he did it as the 4th option on The Golden State Warriors.

If Barkley would have won a title it would have been comparable to Kevin Durant or Kawhi Leonard’s roles in 2018 & 2019. Charles Barkley wouldn’t ever have the role that Draymond Green has in Golden State.

What 4th option of a championship team goes and throws his rings in an all-time legends face? Charles Barkley is top 5 all-time at his position. A first option superstar. Who would do this? Draymond Green I guess.

Is Draymond as good as Barkley was?

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LeBron James and Avery Bradley

Is Avery Bradley as good as LeBron James at basketball? Only in a world where Bradley is as good as King James is Draymond’s play anywhere close to Charles’ game.

There is no Charles Barkley vs Draymond Green in terms of on the basketball court. It’s like comparing Ben Simmons’ defense to James Harden and whatever they call what he does when he isn’t dribbling the ball. I don’t know what to call what Harden does on the defensive end of the floor but playing defense wouldn’t be my first guess.

Barkley led a Philadelphia 76ers team without much help in the late 80’s and won a division title in 1990. He was traded to Phoenix and the 76ers sunk deep into the cellar very quickly.

Philly had losing seasons every year after Charles demanded a trade and was sent to the desert.

Allen Iverson led the Sixers to the playoffs in 1999. This was the first playoff appearance in Philadelphia since Chuck left seven years earlier.

Barkley was brought into Phoenix as their new superstar forward and his very presence in the desert made the Suns a serious championship contender in the Western Conference.

it’s all wrong

Charles Barkley vs Draymond Green

Draymond Green had a lot to say about Barkley. Stating that Charles had been taking shots at him for years and he had kept quiet until now.

Charles Barkley analyst on Inside The NBA

Draymond, you do know Chuck works for a multi-award winning cable show where he talks about the NBA?

That’s why he’s always giving his opinion. IT’S HIS JOB. They pay him to do this. We tune in to watch Inside the NBA, every Thursday night on TNT, with Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Shaquille O’Neal.

I think Steph Curry is going to have to remind Green that he won’t have Barkley’s level of talent on television either. Maybe if it’s beaten into his head daily, he’ll understand, shhh, Draymond, SHHHHH!

He also takes shots at players or anyone who he deems is a knucklehead or sees as being Turrible. He gives praise to those that deserve it and he’s the first one to say this guy has grown as a player or matured as a person.

True or False

Whatever got Draymond’s panties in a bunch is most likely true. The things Charles said about Green were spot on. I don’t even know what they were but after listening to Draymond the Delusional speak and witnessing his actions, Barkley’s words were probably an understatement.

Draymond Green fulfills knucklehead to a tee. Green and Golden State were about to go up 3-1 in the 2016 NBA Finals, a lead that no team ever surmounted a comeback from in any Finals before.

Charles Barkley vs Draymond Green started on inside the NBA.  Barkley and Shaq breakdown action

The end of game 5

Green acted a fool with his team up double digits and Cleveland looking a beaten foe about to exit the 2016 season, down 3-1 heading into game 5. First he attempted to set a screen in a crazy person type-of-way that was too excitable. Next he try’s grabbing LeBron who snaps himself free.

Draymond acts like he got shot in an attempt to get an offensive foul called against James. It didn’t work. The whole thing was weird. At least if Green’s team was down it could’ve been seen as bad sportsmanship and immaturity.

With James standing over Green in a non-threatening manner, LeBron pauses because Draymond was laying on the floor with James straddled over his body. LeBron was trying to not get hurt and avoid stepping on Green while attempting to maintain his balance.

Finally LeBron attempts to move and as soon as he steps Draymond stands up on him. LeBron luckily didn’t twist his ankle or something worse. When LeBron turns back to Green behind him in a “What are you doing” sort of way, Draymond hits him in the balls from behind.

It changed the series

LeBron James got more upset than I’d ever seen him. Watching this video now it really looks like Green was trying to put LeBronin positions to get injured. That is only an opinion, I may be wrong. Green might just be a crazy person, not responsible for his actions.

During this altercation I said “Cleveland is going to come back and win this series”. This was the catalyst that took Cleveland from lifeless losers to motivated and driven champions.

Draymond Green this is the dumbest thing you ever did. Green was also suspended in that altercation for accumulated technical fouls in the playoffs. This Tweet of yours is up there because it shows you’re a person that runs off without facts or cause.

Barkley is only commenting on Draymond’s consistent behavior

Who has more $$

Green has done many things to backup Charles Barkley’s opinion of the man. Draymond went on about Barkley being jealous of him because he has more money than Charles Barkley has.

Does Draymond Green have more money than Chuck as he claims? Is Draymond Green’s money more than Charles Barkley’s net worth?

Charles Barkley’s net worth 2020 is about 50 million dollars and Draymond is around half of that.

Charles Barkley vs Draymond Green

This is false and it’s quite easy to find these facts out. Now that’s really embarrassing. That’s the second most embarrassing thing Green said in this idiotic endeavor to…not sure what his purpose was in this tweet.

“doesn’t mean he had more impact on the game than me”

WTF are you talking about Draymond Green? Charles Barkley vs Draymond Green can not be judged based upon their impact on basketball together or in comparison to one another.

Charles is one of the greatest players to ever play basketball. What do you think you are Draymond? You’re not that.

People aren’t going to know your name in 20 years like they know Barkley’s now. Often Charles was compared to Karl Malone when they played in the NBA. They played the same position and their careers ran concurrent to one another. Does Draymond really see himself in that same light, as being one of the best to ever play the Power Forward position?

This is insane and makes Green look like a fool. Anyone who has seen the two players play, knows there simply is not a comparison. Draymond can’t do the things Barkley did. He doesn’t have the athleticism or the post skills Charles had.

Charles Barkley vs Draymond Green is a delusion that only exists in Green’s mind.

What’s this he might have scored more points

Charles Barkley goes to the rim as a member of the 76ers

Charles Wade Barkley played 16 seasons in the NBA and scored more points than Draymond Green.

He admitted this much but Charles Barkley damn near scored close to 20,000 more points than Draymond Green.

Barkley averaged over 10 rebound-per-game every season he played.

He was way above 10 per-game most seasons. Green hasn’t averaged 10 rebounds-per-game, not once, not ever.

Charles Barkley was able to pull down close to 10,000 more rebounds compared to Green. Some other stats where Chuck is far superior to Draymond are assists, blocks, and steals.

Maybe you’re confused

Maybe Draymond Green is confused or is in need of some mental comfort from a professional.

Draymond Green just had a chance this year to be the top option on an NBA team. How did The Warriors do this season?

They have the 2nd overall pick in the NBA draft.

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