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UNC Final Four: The Best Shooting Guards

Vote in the semifinals of Carolina's greatest shooting guard
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The UNC Final Four: The best shooting guards. Vote on the best UNC shooting guards of all-time. Head-to-head

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North Carolina has had so many superstars through the years. The shooting guards were mostly easy to choose. Wayne Ellington finished strong as 2009 NCAA Tournament MOP.

Jerry Stackhouse played a lot of shooting guard in the NBA but not a tNorth Carolina. Joseph Forte will be the #4 seed here. Some may take exception to this but I’ll explain my reasoning.

Forte in 2000 led an 8 seeded Tar Heels team to the Final Four. He played where at times the 2nd and 3rd best options were future pro athletes but not in the NBA, in the NFL. He kept The Heels relevant in the post Dean, pre-Roy Williams era. Finally does it matter who the 4th seed is? Guess who the top seed is.

The Final Four

#1 Seed
Michael Jordan

1982 ACC ROY
1982 National Champion
2x ACC 1st Team [1983-1984]
2x 1st Team All-American [1983-84]
1984 ACC POY
1984 National POY


#4 Seed
Joseph Forte

2000 ACC ROY
2000 ACC 2nd Team
2001 ACC 1st Team
2001 1st Team All-American
2001 ACC POY

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#2 Seed
Al Wood

2x ACC 1st Team [1979,1981]
1980 ACC 2nd Team
1981 2nd Team All-American


#3 Seed
Bob Lewis

1965 ACC 2nd Team
2x ACC 1st Team {1966,1967]
27.4 PPG- 1966

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The Final of UNC’s best shooting guards will be coming, so cast your votes. Check out the other players from North Carolina, at each position.

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