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PeaceDot Sports presents: The UNC Final Four, the centers. This is a head-to-head battle of the best UNC centers of all-time.

Just Missed list

Rasheed Wallace, Eric Montross, and Tyler Zeller just missed. Scott Williams was also a nice player but didn’t make the list.

The Final 4

#1 Seed
Sam Perkins

1981 ACC ROY
1981 ACC Tourney MVP
3x ACC 1st Team {1982-84]
1982 2nd Team All-American
2x 1st Team All-American{1983-84
1982 National Champion


#4 Seed
Mitch Kupchak

2x ACC 1st Team {1975,1976]
1976 ACC POY
1976 2nd Team All-American

#2 Seed
Brad Daugherty

2x ACC 1st Team {1985,1986]
1986 2nd Team All-American


#3 Seed
Sean May

2004 ACC 2nd Team
2005 ACC 1st Team
2005 NCAA Tourney MOP
2005 National Champion

Thanks to all the Tar Heels fans for voting for the best UNC center of the Carolina head-to-head Final Four. The finals of each North Carolina position is coming.

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