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best UNC centers head-to-head

UNC Tar Heels best Centers: The Final Four

Vote In the Semis for best Carolina Center

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PeaceDot Sports presents: The UNC Final Four, the centers. This is a head-to-head battle of the best UNC centers of all-time.

Just Missed list

Rasheed Wallace, Eric Montross, and Tyler Zeller just missed. Scott Williams was also a nice player but didn’t make the list.

(1) Sam Perkins

1981 ACC ROY
1981 ACC Tourney MVP
3x ACC 1st Team {1982-84]
1982 2nd Team All-American
2x 1st Team All-American{1983-84
1982 National Champion

Sam Perkins is one of the best UNC centers of all-time


(4) Mitch Kupchak

2x ACC 1st Team {1975,1976]
1976 ACC POY
1976 2nd Team All-American

Mitch Kupchak is one of the best UNC centers of all-time.
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The Final 4

(2) Brad Daugherty

2x ACC 1st Team {1985,1986]
1986 2nd Team All-American

Brad Daugherty is one of the best UNC Centers of all-time.


(3) Sean May

2004 ACC 2nd Team

2005 ACC 1st Team

2005 NCAA Tourney MOP

2005 National Champion

Sean May is one of the best UNC centers ever.
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Thanks to all the Tar Heels fans for voting for the best UNC center of the Carolina head-to-head Final Four. The finals of each North Carolina position is coming.

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