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The UNC Small Forwards Final Four

Vote in The Carolina Final Four for Small Forwards

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The best UNC small forwards Final Four players of all-time might not be what some people expect, or want but this is not a list of what guys did in the NBA.

This is the Tar Heels best, playing at Carolina, only!

There isn’t a Vince Carter or Jerry Stackhouse here. Bobby Jones missed even though he’s probably the best defender in school history. He is one of the best defenders in basketball history.

2009’s unsung Danny Green gets a quick mention, as does the heart of the 1993 championship team George Lynch. Justin Jackson was a versatile scorer going to back-to-back Final Fours and winning the 2017 NCAA Championship.

Harrison Barnes was a player who played for Carolina [that was cordial, right?] and Rashad McCants could have averaged 70 ppg and he still wouldn’t make this list because I’m keeping this list Anti-Snitch. McCants wouldn’t have made the best UNC small forwards final four anyway.


I’m getting off topic and this was not intended. When I was thinking of North Carolina small forwards, writing Rashad McCants name angered me. This F***ing guy was old enough to know to go to class or pick classes that have an impact on a post graduate career.

McCants thought he was going to play in the NBA for 15 years. When that didn’t happen, he figured he’d blame UNC and the program. Rashad McCants, you are a scumbag and thank god you couldn’t make everyone else as miserable as you are. Since you weren’t actually working hard at school Mr. McCants maybe you should have used that time and worked on your defense.

The Final Four


#1 Seed
Lennie Rosenbluth

3x ACC 1st Team [1956-58]
1956 2nd Team All-American
1957 1st Team All-American
1957 ACC POY
1957 NCAA Champion
26.9 PPG – UNC Career high
28.0 PPG – UNC Season high [1957]

#4 Seed
Walter Davis

1976 ACC 2nd Team
1977 ACC 1st Team
1976,1977 ALL ACC Tourney[ 2nd ]
1977 NCAA All Tourney Team

#2 Seed
Larry Miller

1966 ACC 2nd Team
2x ACC Tourney MVP [1967,1968]
1967 2nd Team All-American
2x ACC 1st Team [1967,1968]
2x ACC POY {1967,1968]
1968 1st Team All-American
1968 NCAA All Tournament Team


#3 Seed
Charlie Scott

3x ACC 1st team [1968-70]
2x 2nd Team All-American [1969,1970]
1969 ACC Tourney MVP
27.1ppg-8.6 rpg [1970]

Vote now for your winners in the best UNC small forwards final four. Final will be on Monday.

I’ve made a final four with all the Tar Heels positions, check them out, if you liked this one.

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