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North Carolina’s Final Four at the 4

Vote Now in this All Time Carolina Semi-Final clash

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Carolina’s Final Four at the 4. The greatest Carolina power forwards of all-time, squaring off in a final four battle.

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The Power Forwards

This was difficult. First breaking up the players who were C/PF, then finding the order of the four. It obviously changes based on what your looking at.

This like the previous posts is based on just the players careers at Chapel Hill.

Didn’t make the cut

Mike O’Koren was the last cut of the greatest Carolina power forwards. A three-time All-ACC selection that included two 1st-teams and a second team All-American nod in 1980.

Tyler Zeller was a ACC POY and Rasheed Walace was a bonafide star. Pete Brennan was the second option on the 1957 undefeated National Champion.

There was Rick Fox and J.R Reid just to name a few others.

The Final Four

#1 Seed
Tyler Hansbrough

2006 ACC Rookie of the year
4x ACC 1st Team [2006-2009]
2006 2nd Team All-American
3x 1st Team All-American [2007-09]
2008 ACC POY
2008 National POY
2008 ACC Tourney MVP
2009 National Champion
ACC All Time scorer
UNC 1st REB. All Time
Most FTM NCAA History


#4 Seed
James Worthy

1981 ACC 2nd Team
1982 ACC 1st Team
1982 1st Team All-American
1982 ACC Tourney MVP
1982 NCAA Tourney MOP

#2 seed
Antawn Jamison

3x ACC 11st Team [1996-98]
1997 2nd Team All-American
1998 1st Team All-American
1998 National POY
1998 ACC Tourney MVP


#3 Seed
Billy Cunningham

3x ACC 1st Team [1962-65]
1965 ACC POY
24.8 ppg 15.4 RPG- Career AVG

Pace your votes today and enjoy the other UNC position battles. The winners here will face off in a Final for the greatest Carolina power forward of all-time.

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