The Truth about Carson Wentz and his career stats

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The truth about Carson Wentz and his career stats. There is a lot of hate in Philadelphia for Wentz, this is a situation that shouldn’t exist. Frankly, it’s embarrassing.

Eagles QB Carson Wentz, pre-game, looking to improve his career stats.

Carson Wentz and the Philly Fans

It seems all across social media Philadelphia fans generally have an issue with Carson Wentz. Whether it’s strictly an issue with Carson staying healthy or it’s that some think he just doesn’t possess the goods.

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Can Carson stay healthy for a whole season

Jadeveon Clowney drives Carson Wentz's head into the ground in an NFC Wildcard game.

He just did! He was basically the only one that remained healthy for The Eagles in 2019. He just played 16 games throwing for more yards than any Eagles quarterback ever has. I’m not saying that the injury came in the NFL playoffs, therefore technically he played a full season.

Carson Wentz didn’t tear a ligament or break a bone. The Philadelphia Eagles signal caller got a concussion as a result of Jadeveon Clowney running full speed onto his back and driving his head into the ground during a 2019 NFC Wildcard game.

Wentz left the game because he had to, he left because of NFL concussion protocol. If Clowney did that to anyone it would have ended in the same result. Some of the fans I think are at a point where they want to say “told you so”, when referring to Carson’s health.

Philadelphia Eagles Gear

Carson Wentz's career stats are better than some people realize.

Carson Wentz: The Baller

Any Eagles fan or anyone at all who says Wentz isn’t living up to his potential doesn’t have a clue to what they’re speaking about.

Carson Wentz’s career stats are phenomenal and on some categories he has done things only the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks has accomplished before him.

Carson Wentz Career Stats

In the last 3 seasons Wentz has thrown for over 20 TD with 7 INT. That makes him the first quarterback in NFL history to do that 3 times in a row.

The QBs who have done it twice are Brady, Brees, Rodgers, and Wilson. Carson also has the second best INT ratio in NFL history. Currently he has a 19 game TD passing streak, that is the longest active streak in the NFL.

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Wentz was the 2nd overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft. In 2019 he became the first Eagles quarterback to throw for over 4,000 yards in a season. Still many are disillusioned with Wentz being the quarterback in Philadelphia. Carson Wentz just keeps putting up stellar career stats.

This accomplishment came with him throwing to practice squad players who aren’t even real NFL caliber talent. His left tackle was injured too and for much of this time. All-Pro Tight End Zach Ertz was M.I.A., along with rookie running back Miles Sanders.

Carson Wentz career stats

2017: MVP and Super bowl

In 2017, Carson Wentz’s career stats and accomplishments would have included an NFL MVP award if he didn’t tear his ACL in early December. The same year the Philadelphia Eagles won their first and currently only Super bowl championship.

Do some of you out there think The Eagles were so physically talented that Trent Dilfer could have delivered a Super bowl for the birds? That wasn’t the case. The only surefire future HOFers on the team were Fletcher Cox and Jason Kelce.

Carson Wentz would have won the MVP in a landslide and still received two first place votes in spite of time missed. Despite his ACL tear he still won the Bell POY award. The reason he still got MVP votes and won the second most important POY award was because in 2017 Carson Wentz was the best player in the NFL, hands down.

Wentz brought them to the position they were in but people don’t seem to even want to give him even a little credit for it. The Philadelphia Eagles were 11-2 with Wentz under center the 2017 championship season. Nick Foles is not better than Carson Wentz, if you think he is, you’re just wrong.

Carson Wentz getting into the endzone on a torn ACL

The ACL tear

The ACL tear came to Carson Wentz’s knee in early December 2017. He Played another set of downs before throwing a touchdown on 4th down of that series. Nobody should ever find a reason to question Carson Wentz in terms of toughness.

I’ve seen it written in sports articles that an ACL reconstruction has a 6-9 months of recovery time. This is the timetable for a normal person in terms of functioning properly. The 6-9 month window isn’t for a professional athlete to come back and play at an elite level. It’s more along the lines of a person just walking again without support.

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Adian Peterson came back and ran for 2,000 yards in less than a year of suffering a torn ACL. One man, one year, out of all the torn ACL’s that occur in the NFL each season, each decade. The rest all say the same thing, you can come back after a year but you’re not right until after two years.

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Way to Fast Now

Eagles quarterback, Carson Wentz has some good career stats

Carson Wentz returned 9-10 months after his surgery. I didn’t think he should have been out there at all in 2018. If you look at his stats for 2018 they are good and on par with 2017 and 2019 but at times he didn’t look right. How could he? If he was playing any other position there would be no chance of him being on the field when he was.

Carson Wentz spikes the ballas he adds to his career stats

Should of been shutdown

Coming back to play before he should have and not being healthy, this led to more minor injuries. This is what people look at when they say Carson Wentz can’t stay healthy.

Wentz should have been shutdown for 2018 because if something major had happened on the injury front then his career would have ended or been seriously derailed in terms of athleticism.

Mental Toughness

For a player who in three more weeks would have been NFL MVP in the teams first Super bowl winning season and then seeing how Nick Foles was valued in Philadelphia, Carson is and was a class act.

A young player like that could have done several damaging things to himself. From excess partying, leading to legal issues or coming out negatively against the team or even requesting a trade. He remained steadfast and still does so today.

Carson Wentz throwing the football out of the pocket.

In Conclusion

Carson Wentz can make throws on point that not many QBs in the NFL can make. He doesn’t throw interceptions and The MVP award only eluded him due to injury.

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Carson Wentz career stats and accomplishments are downplayed by too many people in Philadelphia. He holds The Eagles single season passing yards record as well as having the second lowest INT ratio in league history [min 1500 att].

Currently he’s on a 19 game TD passing streak, that is longest in the NFL. Lookup Carson Wentz’s season and career stats, he has many more analytical records. A lot of them he holds with some of the best to ever do it.

Considering that Wentz didn’t leave the game after he tore his ACL until after he threw a TD pass four plays later, I feel if he was able to come back from his concussion against Seattle, he would have.

Carson is still young, a player just entering his prime. If he has another MVP caliber season or leads Philly to a title, on the road to victory the same ones putting him down now, will be some of the same ones swearing they always loved him.

How about just turning it down a couple notches just so you don’t make other cities or players say “See that’s those Philly fans again.” Have some respect, he was a very integral part of the Super bowl Champions. He was the MVP of the damn Eagles Super Bowl championship team.

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