James Harden, Houston, Defense, and D’Antoni


This article talks about James Harden’s defense, The Houston Rockets, and Rockets Coach Mike D’antoni.

It reflect my feelings on Houston’s defensive philosophies or the ignorance that ignores them as if the defensive end isn’t the most important end on the court.

Ja makes Harden look foolish

Harden VS. Giannis

James Harden’s comments about Giannis were really not thought out.

He was upset about Antetokounmpo’s statements on selecting Kemba Walker instead of Harden in the All-Star draft. Saying he wanted someone who was going to pass the ball. JOKING FOR REAL THOUGH.

Harden’s reply[which he claims wasn’t a shot at Giannis] was if he was 7’0, he’d dunk every time down the floor.

My take, Harden at 6’5 isn’t anywhere as athletic as Antetokounmpo. He also doesn’t have the lateral quickness that Giannis has on defense.

You can make the Houston guard 7’0 tall, but Harden’s still isn’t going to have the physical gifts the greek freak has.

No titles for the defenseless

No player who isn’t defensively competent has gone and led his team to an NBA championship. As long as Houston goes in this direction there won’t be titles in their future either.

Harden is a guard!

Harden’s fans and defenders[no pun or oxymoron intended] leans towards James Harden being good at defense because he’s decent post defender. OK that’s just fine. The problem with that James Harden is a guard andhe is guarding on the perimeter 95% of the time.

He gives up on plays and shows a lack of effort. His defensive awareness is worse than his man-to-man defense.

Anyone with a stat that tells you that James Harden is a good defender based on defensive ratings, I say put the stats down and USE YOUR EYEBALLS. That’ss what they’re for!

Mike D’Antoni still has a job – WTF

Mike D’antoni the Rockets head coach, has had some very exciting offensive teams over the last 15 years. That being said, he also doesn’t emphasize the importance of play on the defensive end. Battling teams like San Antonio, D’antoni never really had a chance.

When he was hired as Lakers coach I was surprised Kobe would play under his basketball philosophies. Bryant didn’t put up with D’Antoni’s coaching for very long.

Kobe Bryant knew that to win championships defense was key. D’antoni still doesn’t know this or ignores it.

Every season Mike D’Antoni, the current Houston ockets head coach has a good team. Any championship aspirations are just false hype. I don’t understand how he’s still a head coach in the NBA.

The only thing that makes sense is the ball he plays is fun to watch offensively and brings in the fans and that is good enough for his franchises’ owners.

How simple is it?

It’s simple to predict D’antoni and Harden having no chance to win a title. Its as easy as going back to when D’antoni was with the Phoenix Suns.

Point differential average will tell you all you need to know, just look back at the years the Suns and Spurs were at the top of the Western Conference standings.

The Suns weren’t going to average their average against Popovich’s Spurs. Even if they did match their averages, San Antonio was going to exceed their own. Leading to the Spurs winning each series they met in that five year period.

San Antonio didn’t have the Suns offense but they were always going to exceed their totals against a defensively deficient D’antoni team.

Teams and superstars who aren’t good defensively don’t win titles in any sport, not very often. In the NBA, it never happens.

How do coaches in the league just ignore this? I’m not trying to take shots at James Harden’s defense, Houston, or Coach D’antoni because they are the defenseless and I’m not the bully.


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