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Owners force NFL’s 17 game season for 2021 or else

The NFL and its hypocritical outlook for player safety

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The owners are trying to force an NFL 17 game season in 2021 or else.

Last summer I posted an article entitled Questioning the NFL and its leadership. This post was about CTE and the rule changes associated with concussions and long term brain trauma.

A summary

The article summarized was about the rule changes that have changed the actual essence of football. Rule changes that focus on the protection of quarterbacks and receivers.

A quick glance at the players who suffer CTE in their post playing days shows Lineman on both sides of the ball, Linebackers, and Fullbacks as the majority afflicted with this disease. Common sense shows that these are the men that collide head first play in and play out. Practice after practice, game after game.

The rule changes that were made do not address this at all. How could it? If you addressed the players who could possibly become afflicted with CTE one day, the game wouldn’t be football anymore.

Eagles vs Patriots in the trenches. This is where much brain trauma happens and why a 17 game NFL season is a bad idea.

NFL Owners look to add a 17th game or else

A week ago as I was getting ready for bed, SportsCenter was blaring in the background, I stopped and looked up, I was offended by what I heard.

NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell was talking about adding another game to the league schedule. He should just focus on pronouncing the names right at the NFL Draft. Do the NFL owners really care about the player safety like they say they do?

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wants a 17 game NFL season

Mr. Goodell what happened to your player health concerns? You say it won’t affect players health. That’s a reckless and gratuitous outlook to say the least. If a player plays 15 seasons that would add almost an entire extra season of hits to his career. Any added trauma to a player’s brains is unhealthy, didn’t the NFL’s brass admit this themselves?

The owners

The owners want a 17 game NFL season and are giving ultimatums to their players

It’s the owners that are really behind this expanded schedule proposal. This is what I find most offensive. If given an extra home game these multi-billionaire owners stand to make a few extra million. I wonder if the extra game were added but the owners couldn’t keep a dime, would they still push for the NFL to have a 17 game season?

Absolutely egregious behavior but not at all surprising. Don’t you franchise owning a******** have enough money now. You’re willing to put your employees at even greater risk for what to you is basically couch change.

If this isn’t enough, it seems if this part of the new CBA isn’t accepted by the players, then the owners will strike. I hope this backfires in excess. What the owners are doing is threatening to halt the players cash flow, unless they agree to place themselves further into harms way.

A player’s prospective

Richard Sherman playing with the 49ers
Richard Sherman

Many players are rightfully against this. Richard Sherman stated “[I]t’s odd to me, and it’s always odd, when you hear player safety is their biggest concern … but it seems like player safety has a price tag,” Sherman added. “Player safety, up to the point of, ‘Hey, 17 games makes us this much money, so we really don’t care how safe they are, if you’re gonna pay us this much money to play another game.’ And so that’s the part that’s really concerning for us as a union and us as players because they think that players have a price tag on their health and I don’t think we’re in the same ballpark in that regard.”

A new player president

If Russell Okung is named NFLPA president, he is against a 17 game NFL season

There will be a new NFLPA president named in March. Many feel that Russell Okung is the leading candidate. Okung is one of many who will fully oppose this CBA condition of the NFL adding a 17th game to its season. Let’s not call it a condition, it is an ultimatum set forth by the league owners.

If not Okung, most likely the new president will have the same philosophical outlook on this situation. The billionaire NFL owners need to show more compassion for it’s employees safety. That’s what it comes down to in the end. The safety of the players needs to take precedence over everything else.

Show some empathy

Didn’t the NFL owners say player safety was a priority? If you go ahead and strike over what can only be described as a lack of empathy for player safety and the long term health of your employees, you can never put the genie back in the bottle and say you care again. It will be obvious what you care about.

Couch change is more important to you than the safety of your employees. Can the players association stop the 17 game NFL season from happening?

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