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Is Wentz to blame for Birds mishaps?

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This Sunday Philadelphia plays host to the defending SuperBowl champion New England Patriots. This matchup of the last two SuperBowl winners features the teetering on .500 Eagles looking to find an identity that will lead Philadelphia and its fans back into the postseason for a third consecutive season. Carson Wentz will be under center for the Birds opposite all everything Mr. Tom Brady. Max Kellerman and the like blame Wentz for the Eagles mishaps and overall performance this season. Is it warranted, is it based in any truth?

Birds win Superbowl

What happened to the Eagles? Is Wentz to blame for Birds?

Preseason hype was high for the Eagles coming into the 2019 season. Just one season removed from a Superbowl title. I personally didn’t see it. I thought the team to be good. Possible playoff team, but not realistic Superbowl contender.

Phillies all over again

Many saw the Phillies past season as an underachievement or failure. Mainly this sentiment is felt because the Philadelphia media said so. You had a team who added bats, but had no pitching. In April I knew this team wasn’t going anywhere. Starters 2-5 just utter inconsistency and relievers who couldn’t be counted on. Long story short it’s gotta be someone’s fault. I don’t know if Kapler was any good or not. I only know no manager would’ve been able to do anything with that staff or bullpen.

Carson Wentz criticized

It seems locally and nationally that whispers are growing louder that it’s Carson Wentz’s fault (Max Kellerman) for Philly being a lucky 5-4. I say lucky because of Green Bay losing some key players and then the ending. Add in a couple easy games and its 5-4. Carson may not be having the finest season anyone has ever had at quarterback, but to blame Wentz for the Birds mishaps is ridiculous.

Wentz hyped up

The Secondary

The real reason to me that Philly isn’t a real contender and instead a tier down is the pass defense. You can’t give up 35-40 points a game to the contenders out there and realistically expect to win. Saints, Cowboys, Vikings, Rams, etc. These teams will score about 35-40 points atleast 80% of the time playing against the Eagles this season. You’re not going to score 40 points every game and it is just that simple!

Something like a pass defense

Jalen Ramsey : mistake in 2019 and beyond

I was a big proponent in the Eagles getting Jalen Ramsey. In an exaggeration I stated 4 1st rd. picks in the mid 20s in 5 years wouldn’t have the impact Ramsey would have. Even if the pass defense was decent, a player with that skill, at that age, and at that position is never available. There isn’t more than 2-3 shutdown corners in the NFL at one time. If that! Missed out big time. I can’t get over it. Yes I know the importance of draft picks. To those thinking that, do you know the value of a 6’2, 24 year old, Olympic talented leaper (literally) who shuts down receivers on an island that other teams can’t stop with bracket coverage?

Back to Carson

When playing quarterback it’s a completely different mindset knowing if you don’t score and punt that there is a good chance your opponent will. With this being said Carson Wentz only has 4 picks to accompany his 15 TDs so far this season. For a young player he isn’t forcing turnovers while still putting up good numbers. If he keeps pace he’s looking at about 30 TDs and 4,000 yards passing. Those numbers Wentz is throwing out for the Birds aren’t those of a player you blame your mishaps on.

For those who wish Wentz was gone and Foles was still here, Sorry. Thankfully someone else gets paid to make that decision. The only problem I have with Wentz is the reckless disregard of his body à la Bobby Orr or Eric Lindros. If that continues it will be a short career.

Wentz Career stats

The Media…. In conclusion

In closing I feel the real problem is parts of the Philadelphia sports media tells the fans a team, be it Eagles or Phillies, are more talented than they are. The casual fan takes it as gospel because their on T.V or radio. Then when they are wrong they call for someone’s head. Shouldn’t the Sports talkers be replaced? Replaced for being wrong with their analysis for the season from day 1. By the way The Sixers may go farther this year but there wouldn’t have been a game 7 without Jimmy James Butler. Let me know your opinion. I saw this coming with Birds. Anyone else know how to evaluate talent?

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