Noles Woes: Who’s Fault Are They?


How to fix the noles

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What is happening with Florida State football is embarrassing to the fans. The fans who suffered through the lean years. The years that reached their peak in 2007 and 2008.

2013 BCS Champions

When the 2013 season and 29 game win streak began, part of the magic that I still reminisce over are due to those years of mediocrity. Other teams I root for, their championships are somewhat ruined now. For instance I live right outside Philadelphia. When I was growing up, it was as a hardcore Eagles fan. I don’t know if some reading this know what that means, but when the Eagles won the Superbowl, I smiled and when someone asked me “why out of all people how are you just sitting there”. I responded “Its not Jameis in 2013”

This is Ridiculous

2005-09 were bad seasons. This is some other shit. We’re getting pounced on. Pounced on, on some bum shit. This is next level. Don’t make any excuses for Willie Taggart. None, nothing, bye, gone. Maybe Niketown will take him back as an assistant.

I wrote a previous article stating there is a number 2, 5, and 10 rivals recruit in Tallahassee now. That is Overall. Every position, just on the defense. The rest of the defense is made up of 4 and 5 star recruits. Watch any team in the NFL, then tell me Jimbo Fisher missed on three straight years of recruiting, horribly. NONSENSE!

Since well before Jimbo was even the head coach in waiting, I’ve been following the yearly recruiting wars across the country. Some people want to blame Jimbo for leaving an inferior offensive line in Tallahassee. Well every year Fisher brought in a top 5 recruiting class, and never once were any of those players, not any of them the very top blue chip offensive lineman available.

Fisher in my opinion coached up raw talent and sent some of these guys to the NFL. Didn’t Stork win an award? Anyway like the aforementioned defense, maybe these guys just aren’t being coached up well. The other possibility is college kids will run rampid, if not checked. Anyone ever see Showtime Documentary with Jimbo? If you saw it, you know no player ever addressed a Fisher question without a Yes Sir or a No Sir.

All I know is I know a bit. What I know now is enough. It’s not worth it to find out anymore. We will have to pay with last years recruiting class, eventually. It can’t be this bad though. NEW COACH, NEXT PLEASE, NOW.

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