Coby White and the 2019 NBA Draft

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2019 NBA Draft

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Coby White, the 19 year old freshman out of North Carolina is expected to go as high as 6th in tonight’s NBA draft. My question is if that’s the number he goes, will the teams drafting 3rd, 4th, and 5th wind up regretting passing on White?

Coby White pre-draft

High School Accolades

As White finished high school, he was the leading scorer in North Carolina state history. He was a McDonald’s All American and was named the 2018 North Carolina Mr. Basketball. An award given annually to the best player in his state. With these accolades he was a high recruit going into his freshman year at Chapel Hill. Was he ranked as high as he should have been though? After breaking the all time scoring record in a state with an illustrious history of basketball talent through the years? Rivals had him ranked 26th overall and 6th at his position.

Measurables and Skillset

Coby White at first glance looks to stand at about 6’2. In actuality he is 6’5, 185 pounds. He just finished one of the best freshman seasons anyone at Chapel Hill ever has enjoyed. A point guard doing this is very impressive to say the least. At 19 years old, Coby is already a clutch shooter with range, blessed with a quick first step. This coupled with the jumper allows White to put the ball on the floor or create his own shot.

I’ve watched many players come threw college on their way to the league. I don’t know how many teenage guards were this good at his age. His speed moving the ball from baseline to baseline is statistically the best in Tar Heel history. Those not understanding what that means, basically his speed is off the charts when he gets the ball in his hands. Beep Beep!

My Analysis

So Coby White can already shoot better than most guards coming into the NBA as a teenager. I’ve pointed out that his speed is off the charts. His strength will improve with age and work like any person does. On the defensive end White has some work to do. His defense is young like he is. He lacks experience and strength, but has the lateral quickness to be a good defender with putting in the work to do so. He looked lost in the one year at Chapel Hill at times. Through work and awareness along with confident anticipation to the first move of his opposition, he could be a good defender.

The future 1st rd. Pick has good lateral quickness. If White wants to be a good defender, he will be. With all this being said what will Coby White be in 5-7 years? I personally think the teams thinking of taking Barrett or Garland may look back with regret having passed on Coby White. I believe he should go no lower than 5th. Let’s see shortly what the people payed to make this choice decide to do. Hopefully they aren’t living with regret or looking for a new job.

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