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Monthly Archives: October, 2019

Where Al Horford takes the 76ers

Horford and Philly an extended look

Tallahassee Trivia

see if you can answer this FSU coaching Trivia

Noles Woes: Who’s Fault Are They?

How to fix the noles

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Is it a good thing for the Eagles to make the playoffs?

Should the Eagles make the playoffs?

Top 12 Florida State WRs Of All-Time

The top 12 Noles WR of All-Time

Sixers Trade Rumors: The nonsense and the Actuality

Sixers Trade Rumors and dealing with the cap

Would Michael Jordan have more Rings in today’s NBA?

How many rings would Michael Jordan have playing under today's rules

Should odds be against Rays in 2020 Series

Are the Rays getting the respect they deserve?


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