Are Phillies faults Kapler’s blunder?

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Gabe Kapler and the Phillies

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Gabe Kapler

The 2019 Philadelphia Phillies. The additions of Bryce Harper, J.T Realmuto, Jean Segura, and Andrew McCutchen. This team had the entire city ready to explode bringing back those feelings and emotions of a decade ago. Everyone was hyped, this team was going to the playoffs and beyond. So as we now enter the middle of August, the Phillies are 2 games over .500 in 4th place behind the storming upstart team from Queens. What happened?

Most are blaming the Philadelphia Manager Gabe Kapler. I personally would have gotten rid of him when the Carlos Santana story broke. The story in which Santana was breaking Televisions because guys were playing video games in the clubhouse during games. Sure, that’s not as bad as the Red Sox getting drunk in the bullpen. It is kind of the same problem as far as leadership and disipline go however. Anyway most people want to get rid of Kapler, blaming him for the Phillies woes this season. Let’s venture into this.

Pre Season Predictions

When the season started I questioned the pitching myself. Many people seemed to want to ignore this. Back in April after blowing a couple late leads, I told people they should get used to this. Now as far as the hitting they should and will be better in up coming seasons. This individually isn’t the finest of any of the all star caliber hitters the Phillies have on their roster. As far as pitching goes, the Philly hurlers aren’t talented enough for the Phillies to get anywhere substantial in the postseason, even if they did make the playoffs. Now for everyone saying this is Kapler’s fault on the field, here are the Phillies hitting rankings out of the 15 National League teams.

Team Stats

  1. Runs: 9th
  2. Hits: 10th
  3. Homeruns: 11th
  4. Average, OPS,SLG : 12th
  5. RBI: 10th

Now for pitching

  1. ERA: 13th
  2. BAA: 13th
  3. ER: 12th
  4. SO : 13th
  5. BB : 10th

If you didn’t know what team these stats came from, would you think this team was above .500? The pitching is not good, and the hitting although talented, hopefully will see better seasons moving forward. Kapler has tried every lineup and sweated through every pitching change. You got starters in the bullpen, because they weren’t cutting it as starters, filling in for relievers who can’t get it done in the pen. The result being more pitchers who can’t get it done. You win with talent and the Phillies don’t have that talent right now, on the mound especially. I knew it coming in to the year. I just hoped a couple starters would surprise. Wishful thinking.

Nick Pavetta

The preseason overhype

Now these guys on Philly sportstalk need to blame someone because they hyped everyone up in the spring. They should blame themselves and apologize to the average fan that thinks they know something about anything just because their face is on your television or their voice is on your radio. You got everyone gassed, now your leading the hate parade. Shame on you. Maybe you just don’t possess the knowledge about sports and it’s really not your fault.

Kapler taking the ball

Erik Spoelstra was a coach who needed to be fired, Pat Riley needed to step in and coach the Heat. Then he got Lebron and now he’s one of the best coaches in the NBA. Ty Lue went from great to bum, in unison with Lebron and his departure. Maybe it’s not talent that wins! Maybe the Raptors will repeat this season, maybe it wasn’t Kawhi, maybe it was their 1st year head coach that won them a title. I’m still not saying Kapler shouldn’t be replaced, I’m saying let him coach the Astros for a month and most people who don’t think he knows what he’s doing will shut up.

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