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Randall Cunningham

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On Facebook there was a post placing each NFL franchise and who is thought to be that franchise’s best quarterback of all time. When it came to the Eagles, Randall Cunningham was selected. When I disagreed with facts more people backed up Cunningham. Now I understand that this is totally subjective to personal preferences. I grew up an Eagle fan just outside of Philadelphia during the Buddy and Randall era. The first football game I remember watching was the Fog Bowl.

Growing up with Randall

Now it was an exciting time watching Randall as a youngster and like most I was a true Randall fan. Now I assume a lot of the people stating their belief that Cunningham is the best QB in Eagles history comes from people growing up at that time like myself. With a little thought to the idea however, Randall being the best should completely be dismissed! To me if your going to list someone the best ever QB for a team, you need to take longevity, performance and most of all playoff success.

Some basic numbers

The 1990 season definitely was Randall’s finest as an Eagle where he threw for 3,466 yards with 30td-13int. In 1988 he threw for more yards with 3,808 but 24td-16int. 1989:21td-15 picks. 1992:19td-11int. 1994: 16td-13int. During Randall’s tenure as the Eagles signal caller in Philadelphia his playoff record was 1-4

Now if you want to say Randall Cunningham is the most physically gifted quarterback in Eagle history. OK, I won’t argue that because he was bigger than Michael Vick, who is also one of the most gifted QBs in NFL history. Did he have the best arm? You can make that argument too, even though I’d argue back with Sonny Jurgensen. Check out some NFL film footage and you may agree with me.

This brings me to my last argument that Cunningham is not the best QB in Eagles history. In 1993 Randall Cunningham was benched for the season for Rodney Peete. I think the only other QB to get benched for Rodney Peete was Todd Marinovich at USC. So for all the people that feel Cunningham is the best the franchise had to offer, I have just one question! What other quarterback even considered to be the best for his franchise was benched for an entire season in the middle of his prime?

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