Bob Mcadoo: The original stretch big


Bob Mcadoo: The original stretch big

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When Bob Mcadoo left Chapel Hill after one season in which he garnered 2nd team AP all American honors and led the Tar Heels to the Final Four, Mcadoo found himself chosen 2nd in the 1972 NBA draft. Reportedly 2nd because he couldn’t come to a contract agreement with Portland who held the 1st pick. It was later discovered he was also chosen first in the ABA draft.

Mcadoo at UNC

He was taken by the Buffalo Braves the franchise now known as the L.A Clippers and immediately made an impact on the league. At the end of his first year he was named Rookie of the Year and every player on every team knew he was a superstar in the making of which the league had never seen! Dr. Jack Ramsey said of Mcadoo “Bob Mcadoo had the full package, an offensive weapon that I don’t think has ever been equaled in the game”. Magic Johnson called him unstoppable. Today defenders are used to stretch bigs. However back then the other teams didn’t know what to do. They would try things like switching the power forward on him. Usually this wouldn’t work as he would take them into the paint with his turn around jumper. He is the original stretch big. Shooting all over the floor.

He wasn’t just a shooter though. He was a shot creator off the dribble similar to Dirk. He was also a better rebounder and low post scorer than say a Dirk. I’m not comparing the two, just stating facts. He broke the North Carolina high school record for the high jump, just to give an example of his agility and athleticism. He doesn’t seem to get the credit he deserves. I guess because after him it was quite a while before other bigs were doing it. For years he was just an anomaly to what today is common in one form or another. Don’t be confused though, there’s a difference between a Mcadoo or Dirk and most other stretch bigs.

Here are Mcadoo’s stats from year 2-4.

  • 1973-74: 30.6ppg-15.1rpg-3.3bpg-1.2spg (scoring champ) led league fg% (54.7) 2nd mvp voting
  • 1974-75: 34.5ppg-14.1rpg-2.1bpg-1.1spg (2nd scoring title) 1975 NBA MVP
  • 1975-76: 31.1ppg-12.4rpg-4.0apg-2.1bpg-1.1spg (3rd straight scoring title) 2nd MVP voting.
Mcadoo winning 1975 NBA MVP

Not long ago Anthony Davis became the 2nd youngest player in NBA history to have a 50-20 game, with Mcadoo being the youngest. After a three year span of winning three straight scoring titles, winning the MVP and finishing 2nd for the other two. Bob also is the last player to average 30-15 in a season. The following seasons saw him average 20+ points 11 straight seasons. 7 of those averaging atleast 26 ppg. When he got older he won two titles with the Lakers (82,85). Pat Riley saying the addition of Mcadoo is what took L.A to the next level. So when people talk about the origins of the stretch big, I hope Bob Mcadoo is in more discussions moving forward.

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